How To Make Apple Cider Vinegar Drink (Weight Lose)

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Hey guys here is a quick video showing how i make my apple cider vinegar drink. ENJOY…..sorry i sound bad but i have a bad cold

link to apple cider vinegar :


zuleima atempa says:

@MissMadam The CP- is this similar to paprika? What flavor does the CP give to the ACV?

dayana munoz says:

miss madame what if I have a Cup of 32 Oz how much of everything should I be putting in????

San Diego Chicana says:

Where did u buy ur jug????

Tonya Morris says:

how much weight did you lose

LuCkY ChArM says:

?? I knew it was guna fall ??

Cassandra Frank says:

lmao at the lemon falling in

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