How to make apple cider vinegar at home: PINAYs’ EASY RECIPE

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Make your own apple cider vinegar at home with this easy to follow recipe.

UPDATE: If you want to boost the acidity of your homemade ACV, Mr. David Matthews shared this technique: “try adding white vinegar around 100ml. to start the process”.

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david mathews says:

Get pissed drinking this. This ain't apple cider vinegar. This apple cider with honey about 1.5% to 2% !!!

Chochay Michael says:

is there any substitute for honey?

Otyza Vrgnia says:

Great presentation. Simple and easy to understand specially for beginners like me. Arigato ???

Zamr sayd says:

no mother vinager what to do

Mary Jaira Reyes says:

what kind of honey did you used

Lovely Gal says:

usage of honey or sugar is necessary? in this procedure

Carine Sab says:

can l use green Apple or must it be red apple

dev bachu says:

after u strainnit how long after u can used it

Ricardo Pbautista says:

This process will yield just about 3/4 liter cider vinegar or say 3 cups if i am not mistaken. Check how much it will cost you to buy this amount of ready-made cider vinegar vs the cost of 3 apples plus 1 cup honey, not to mention the cost of processing time. Demo is educational….. but perhaps i'll just buy the vinegar (pero bili na lang siguro ko ng suka !!!).?

Ugyn music says:

is there any different between apple cider vinegar and the regular apple vinegar.please someone answer me.

Navindu Gunerathna says:

nice video..can I use it for hair

Fantasy world says:

hey please reply….

Can i apply it on moles??you know… removal

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