How to Make a Fruit Fly Trap

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The fruit flies are insane in September here in Pennsylvania. Here’s a tutorial of my favorite way to make a homemade fruit fly trap.

Water Bottle
Tape or Packing Tape
Apple Cider Vinegar

* First, cut the bottle in half with the scissors
* Add Apple Cider Vinegar to the bottom for the bottle.
* Turn the top upside down into the bottom with the opening about a 1/2 inch above the Apple Cider Vinegar.
* Tape the two halves of the bottle together.
* You can use a little dish soap and water on the top funnel to make the fruit flies slide to their demise.
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roy e says:

Man thanks for video this is so easy to do I just staged 12 of these
throughout my house 

Nomaan V says:

When I put a drop of soap with water around the inside of the bottle, I
find the flies not to be attracted to the vinegar as much because of the
counter smell of the soap to the vinegar. Is that supposed to happen?

Landrew0 says:

This is over-kill. Just cut a small “V” in the side, bend it in a bit and
your done.
Pour in the soap and vinegar and leave the cap on.

Mingyang Li says:

Thank you SO MUCH!! just a question, why can’t they fly out?

Steven Shi says:

Stupid. You copied YourProduceGuy

Sabrina Grover says:

Thank you! Those bitches are dead. I did your version with the dish soap,
then I did one with honey with the vinegar-the honey version collected the
most, but your dish soap/vinegar version did quite well too. Those flies
are smart

Ashley Smith says:

Does using white vinegar work?

Kenneth Welcome says:

Thank you so much.. Works like a charm 

neverenough1415 says:

marry me 

Haissa Pokefan says:

i used apple juice instead.

Pro Shield Pest Control Services - Dubai says:

How to Make a Fruit Fly Trap
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Amy Davis says:

Oy, I hope this works! I’m skeeved there are so many in my kitchen right
now 😛 Thanks for the post!

ShadowMan99 says:

Red wine works better than vinager

oxxadamxxo says:


JohnHutchinson2013 says:

I fecking hate fruit flies, cant relax with a pint of lager! as they want
some too and Jack dan!! they love it…. and man do they play games with
ya, flying real slow then when ya go for one they turn into ninja flies,
the little feckers!!!

iooi says:

Come ever summer to near autum (Fall, if you’re American) my room is
infested with these suckers. I’m going to try this today. Thanks for the

Alden Silber says:

Thankyou, I found this very helpful!

bigjim10011 says:

r.i.p. fruit flies 🙁 u shouldn’t have done that he’s just a boy!

Fabian del Rosario Baldur says:

thx for the vid thats much easier than hunting a fruit fly with my ak47

Susan Brennan says:

doesnt work as well as amonia

Steven Shi says:

Actually they can’t fly because their wings are wet 

JD Rabalais says:

I did something similar to this, but I used a small apothecary bottle from
the hobby store because it’s short, heavy glass and hopefully shouldn’t tip
over. I added an eighth inch of water and one drop of dish detergent. I
swished this around to dissolve the soap because the soap doesn’t seem to
dissolve well in vinegar. I added the cider vinegar, and swished it some
more. Without a little soap, the flies seem to just walk on the cider, but
with the soap, they get sucked in because the surface tension is broken by
the soap. The opening on the little bottle is about 1″ and the body is
about 2″. I didn’t put anything over the opening. I was surprised that it
got about 45 flies in less than 24 hours. There were always a couple
zipping around my view, but I didn’t think there were that many. So, I’ll
dump those in the toilet and clean and reset the trap with fresh cider to
see what happens. And yes, I know detergent is not soap.

Anthony Rodriguez says:

fruit fly don’t like vinegar

007tubeless says:

Vinegar does not work. Why don’t you put fragrant fruits. They are fruit

R RobertO says:

I always just fart and they all leave and don’t ever come back. EVER!!!

Se En Park says:

Thank you SO…fuckin much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They will DIE!!!!

Larry Badge says:

how about just white vinegar? does it work?

newmac says:

as a coup de grace; add an artificial flower to the gizmo. Just made one.
Been an hour but can’t see any results yet…

Charlie Kota says:

in English, please.

Omar Alhamrani says:


luckvids7 says:

Does it have to be apple cider?

Chinmay H says:

This thing worked, all the flies are dead in the trap. Did not get apple
cider vinegar easily in India, so used some pepsi and a piece of beetroot
which was about to go bad. Thanks a lot for your video, even though the
trap was described in many blogs a video always helps get a clear picture.

ItzAvox says:

Anyone else search for Trap music? ;o;

Binz Lit says:

nice !! It works !! thanks 🙂

Charles Bronson says:

apple cider vinegar and dishsoap does the trick too. no need for a lid as
soap traps the wings

Aaron Walker says:

Put the soap in the vinegar so it breaks the surface tension

WeLoveBlackMaN says:

Its not the best idea to dump down sink because a favourite breeding place
for some fruit flies is a dirty drain, so I would advice not to put down
the drain

saxbandmom1313 says:

i just put some on a bowl and set it on the counter an it was loaded



Whispering Wind says:

when I have food and beer sitting right by my monitor screen, there they go
flinging away

bigpoo02 says:

Where do you put the soap? On the out side of the funnel or inside? And
what soap works the best? 🙂 I have them like crazy because one of my
bird’s eat nectar.

cyann455 says:

works for me 😀

Tim Rosanelli says:

Dump Vinegar down sink and recycle the bottle.

Peter Urbanski says:

Thanks so much for this wonderful video!

Brandon Lamont says:

Shut up and take my money

Tim Rosanelli says:

The soap helps keep the fruit fly from climbing out. It’s not totally
necessary. The one I have set-up now doesn’t have soap.

moomoomoomoo .moomoomoo says:

nice i used some juice box juice (peach aswell)

MrHank03 says:

I used Red Wine Vinegar and It worked.

ohemgee4419 says:

MISTER is it strictly only Apple Cider vinegar? i only have regular vinegar

MichaelRMcCoy says:

Dangle a sticky fly strip that uncurls out of the cartridge — cartridge
down. With scissors, cut off the cartridge, and ease the strip randomly
onto a disposable paper plate. A cheap paper bowl works fine too. Toward
the center, drop a thumbnail sized piece of tomato, banana, apple or onion
Seal or remove all other fruit in the area. Wash any fruit remnants from
counter tops, utensils and sinks. Check later to see the magic. For
permanent use, use a bottle cap of apple cider vinegar as bait.

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