How to Lose Belly Fat – Lose Weight Fast

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Hi guys this is a weightloss shot recipe to help you lose any unwanted pounds. It is amazing! When I first started doing this to lose weight, I would drink it during the day and go to bed and by the morning I would literally notice my pants being a bit looser and my stomach being waaaay flatter. It is important to remember to drink lots of water with this weightloss drink/tonic to help you flush out toxins.

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Egor Lisitsa says:

You should practice with WooPep. Google this or just go to WooPep website 😀

Lip stick says:

I love this one, lololol… I will probably do it with a mixture of water and a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to begin with… Later, I will try the lemon, honey, and maybe the cayenne pepper…

Wow, this stuff is instant…

You are one tough woman, girlfriend… More videos please…

sam goody says:

Hi there pretty one! I have lost weight with this video alone…thanx to u.. only video that I have seen to date with these 3 ingredients alone and as a shot .. And that's a shame… its the only way FOR ME that works so thank u.. Now what I believe n that has been proven in Facts .Plz do ur research people.. its VERY CRUCIAL I believe Not to Forget to mention that right after u chase it with water after the shot that u go straight to wash ur mouth .. I do the whole works by
Brushing my teeth n then mouth wash .. NOTE …ACV IS AN ACID THAT WILL EAT UP UR TEETH ENAMEL..YES MEANING SLOWLY BUT SURELY UR TEETH WILL FALL OUT… SO Plzz people always remember to rinse mouth n brush teeth … good luck all in ur weight loss journey!!!?

md forhad says:

My sister laughed when I told them I was going to lose weight with just using Fenoboci Diet Plan, but after I showed them extraordinary effects right after I used it they are begging me to share with them about it. Of course I won't tell them the detail about this diet plan, lol

Fredrick Maull says:

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Aniya di Lioness says:

Can this be taken after meals? How long afterwards to wait?

jeffery omo says:

please can I take it while breastfeeding

felicia stevenson says:

i just want to lose stomach fat,one shot or two shots?

Lydia Price says:

lol did you say Jesus flow or Jesus Lord?
either way I'm gonna try this

Melissa Elliott says:

ahhh beautiful intelligent and hilarious! you freaking rock! thanks for sharing your light!

Kierra C. Jones says:

People please don't drink ACV undiluted! You should NEVER take this like a shot, it will damage your esophagus.

Jenni Rodriguez says:

I have a question for u. Does it work with other kind of vinegar?

Ghost01 says:

Nice video.
You should not be using steel spoon on honey.
Use wooden or plastic spoon.
Steel kills lot of good stuff in honey.

VICI says:

I took a shot of this yesterday morning. I didn't have honey tho and I washed it down with almond milk rather than water bc it killed the after taste better. then at night instead of the shots I put 2 tbsp is acv in Orange juice and could barely taste it. now my bellu is already flatter and I lose around 4 pounds????I'm gonna keep doing this until my belly is completely flat which I think won't be long then I'll only take 1 tbsp a day to maintain it??

maame serwaa says:

hay,can i do it without the honey and add a bit of water?

Gio Gionta says:

Hey sexy. Nice video 🙂

Rosario Ruiz says:

I just started today…and it taste good, I like this shot! I am also drinking a detox drink that has cucumber, ginger, lemon and mint this drink replace all of my beverages… Is it fine if I do both or should I only do one?

bebi tran says:

is it ok if i just mix acv,lemon, and honey without cayenne??

ashley nelson says:

can i make a batch and refrigerate or is it best to make fresh each time?

chelsi poor says:

how long till you can tell from a difference .. losing weight from this drink?

Sunshine Thompson says:

hey I love this video but its is safe to do while breastfeeding

hersheythebody says:

Thnx for sharing.
new subbie

Jocelyn Williams says:

I am going to try this, now how does the the weight loss happen, is this like a detox or more of a fat burner or appetite suppressor. i am on a detox tea so I'm wondering if i should stop before i start this shot

welisha warren says:

How long did you do this for?

Keysha Bass says:

Amazing! You look excellent!

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