How To Heal Rough, Dry, Cracked Heels – NATURALLY!

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How to heal rough, dry, cracked, chapped heels naturally!

What You’ll Need:
– Bowl (large enough for your feet)
– Hot to warm water
– Epsom Salt (or Apple Cider Vinegar or White Vinegar)


Andrea Steiner says:

You can get big 30 pound bags of Epsom salt at just about any feed mill
store for around $20!! I got “Feed Grade” that is what they use to
supplement animals with the minerals. You can also get baking soda for
roughly the same price as well!! Since we use both a lot for garden and
homemade skin care and remedies, we got the BIG bags! The baking soda is
even Arm and Hammer brand!! Both can be added to a hot bath to absorb
minerals into your skin, detoxify your skin and body and soften your skin.
Hope this helps someone out! 

steamriceroll says:

Thank you. I will try this out. My skin is very dry and the weather here
in Canada is dry and cold, this weather makes my heel even worse. Crack
crack crack.

Meredith Carter says:

The trick for us Amazon women will be finding a bowl big enough for our
size 11+ feet…

Isabella Demarko says:

you look so gorgeous in this video! xXx

Denis Lee says:

God bless you for the dry foot remedy. It was informative and amusing to
watch you. You are a doll. By the way, I would love to see more of your
pussy cat.

Larry Sitzman says:

Talk about natural. My WYFE has type 1 diabetes (brittle) and for many
years the Dremel tool and oils and lotions etc helped but with effort and
vigilance by the both of us. YOU want a miracle I will tell you what
shocked me beyond expletives. WYFE went to her mothers for most of the
month of June. Mom in law lives in a lake community, with sand in the back
yard. One month of going out to the backyard BARE FOOTED Was
Impressive.Yes epsom salt works to a fair degree but walking BARE FOOT in
the SAND is a miracle. Why did One of us not hear about this somewhere . Of
all the doctors dermatologists/ In laws and outlaws, We had to stumble on
this by chance. AARRGGHH. She only had one fissure on each heel and on
her next doctors appointment she got a whopper of a compliment from the
DOC. The sand had to be a beneficial exercise as well. something to
think about…..

Nathalie Hernandez says:

If you want to use vinegar, do yuh still have to put one cup also? Or a
different amount as the Epsom salt?

Eduardo Guerra says:

Thanks I told my mom about this and I really worked thank u so much my mom
was in pain but ur advice helped thank you

Soloman1001 says:

Swimming pool chlorine aswell, on the souls only, it worked for me, might
not for others, sounds harsh but it works especially when you are cleaning
pathways with it of the moss and dirt in your bare feet, kill two birds
with one stone. My feet are softer than babies bottom now. 😉

(Probably not a good idea on cracked sore feet though).

Ginger Cat says:

Thanks, I’ll give it a try – and btw you’re pretty, funny and got the most
beautiful eyes – cat’s gorgeous too! Lol

Traci K says:

Cracked heels are so painful!

LolaBlueBabe says:

Why do you clip your cats claws?

Cat inthehat says:

Thank you!! This worked wonders! 

dwayne lover says:

i love your spunkyness ….. ??? is that a real word ..?? thanks

Cari Vinci says:

Sounds simple…will give it a try…thanks.

And I thought your video was cute and entertaining

Mahra al awadhi says:

Can we use normal salt

Gaynor Armash says:

thank u

Maria Allison says:

I watched a couple of videos for my horrible cracked feet. I read several
posts on FB about remedies. So I decided to try it. I started with this
helpful video. Only I soaked for an hour and added Listerine and baking
soda. When I pulled my feet out I couldn’t believe it. They looked normal.
I used a pumice for excess pieces, but my feet look great! I didn’t measure
anything, I just dumped. Pretty like how you cook! lol!! I will be doing
my own remedy more often! :-)

bcut says:

she’s funny and cool! thanks pretty lady :)

Angelina Matthews says:

I like her….you are so pweety and funny

Antoinette Gadson says:


Little Grammar nazi says:

i love your cat~!!<3 he is just darling1!! ...hypno XD

Jayan Senevirathna says:

Is this opinion true…??? “crack heals use emission of heat from body.if
the cracks healed body may find another to release body heat….may be

cvnw11 says:

Totally agree with you on your natural treatments! Love Epsom salts in the
bath to help relax (especially at that time of the month to relive cramps)
and flush toxins out of the body. Thanks for the video! Xxx

Virginia Ramsay says:

Could I just use regular salt?

Ayla888 says:

How often do I need to do this to have a good, lasting effect?
Thanks :-)

Brenda Ortiz says:

hiiii!!! what colors on your lips??? love it

Kathy Russell says:

Hi Zabrina! Do you have any secret recipe for soft hands? My hands are very
dry during the winter months. Help! Lov your videos!

Hilary Chap says:

Wouldn’t the vinegar smell

Hilary Chap says:

What is Epsom salt can I get it in Australia

Rajwinder Singh says:

what is epsom salt where can i get it in australia.

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