How To Get Rid of Fruit Flies and Gnats Fast!!!

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Video showing the simple way to eliminate fruit flies from your house or kitchen. Easy method using normal kitchen items and ingredients. No need to buy special traps or go to extreme lengths. Does not seem to work on Gnats very well. For gnats, try the sticky strips that are sold for flys or an electric fly swatter.


J Junior says:

Something that's worked great for me. Was buying ammonia (I hate) and pouring it in my drains every other day. Letting it set for few mins or longer. Also flea and tick spray (Raid blue can) works wonders. After few days saw no more gnats. Also making sure you wipe, clean and throw out trash helps too.

x92811 says:

Excellent video. But to anyone who wants to spice up their trap a little bit, I suggest using a lint roller sheet instead of plastic wrap. That way they those little fuckers have another thing coming once they figure out its a trap and try to fly back up.

galiagoze says:

Wow!! thank you! I will have to get Saran wrap however!! I think our building has fruit flies and the garbage cans for the building is next to my back door. And yes, I'm a fruit eater and may have to "hide" my bananas in the fridge!! Thanks again!!!

Cujo McCloskey says:


Brian Bullard says:

Finally all of America agrees on one thing — we all hate gnats!

Ymr Bleav says:

Only a demented person would say "that's inhumane!" How ridiculous are they???

Dark Matter says:

What that crakka doing with a fucking AFRO PICK?

Queenie Leung says:

I tied the same thing but with a paper cone. The little guys are too dumb to even know how to get in…

Michelle Oseguera says:

I did that but they keep escaping or they won't go inside the holes

Otaku Girl says:

are you sure I think they eat and leave

MJ Darling says:

Add one drop of dish liquid which will make their little feet sink into the liquid. Otherwise, they can walk on water/vinegar. This will ensure they don't get out.

Mo Jope says:

Is my ac vinegar wrong kind?

Chris Lamont says:

I tried this and it works great. But how do fruit flies get into our homes in the first place? I put my fruit in the refrigerator as soon as I get home.

theory816 says:

Its about to be a fruit fly genocide up in this beech

Legion Etrangere says:


Nadia Austin says:

can u use white vinegar?

Nadia Austin says:

can u use white vinegar

Sean Grimes says:

This method may or may not work well depending on the type of gnats you have. Certain gnats won't be as drawn to the vinegar solution as other gnats. I had a gnat problem and was able to alleviate the problem in a couple of days using this method along with a couple of other methods. For starters, this method did not work well for me at all. I only caught a few gnats using this method. However, I caught many more gnats by using RAID fly sticks while also using the vinegar solution to attract the gnats. I also used a vacuum to suck up as many gnats as possible. Also, I was not able to get rid of my gnat problem by using electronic zippers or high frequency sound devices. The best thing to do is get RAID Fly sticks with vinegar solution poured into the bottom cup. Keep the sticks in well lit areas because many gnats are attracted to light. Let the fly sticks do their work and get a vacuum cleaner to suck up gnats as well.

Paul Nelson says:

soy sauce works as well works for me

Julie Nielsen says:

I tried white vinegar last night. It didn't attract any of them. I think the apple vinegar will work better. I might even add a piece of apple with it to make sure.
I had a small garbage can with the lid that flips up to keep my recycle food scraps in until I put them in the large recycle bin. I wondered where all these little gnats were coming from. I took the small can outside and flipped the lid open. There were a bunch of gnat eggs on the underside of the lid. I washed the whole can off and threw it in a garbage bag and tied it closed to through out in the garbage.

maureen riley says:


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