How to get rid of dark spots/Pimples. Black spots fade away in just 2 weeks.

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Blend the Carotis Cream all over your face and leave it. You can do the whole treatment in the video Twice a day. Day/Night

Dark Spots Removal see result in just 2 weeks. All you need is Soap, (Black Soap, Carrot Soap, Olay Soap or any Good Soap) Skin Smooth Exfoliator (Proactive) Or any other related kind of Skin Care face wash, You Most have Apple Cider Vinegar and Carotis skin care cream ( Or any Carrot face cream) Go to your local beauty supplies or online. Thanks for watching!!! More videos coming soon!!!!

I struggled with this condition for over 10 years, I finally found a way to say goodbye to dark spots on my face for good.. I’m happy???


Mix Hot Oil treatment!

Acne treatment.

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Don’t forget to go shopping for you, your children or your man or woman!!


fabbehn says:

OK, I'll try it but what do u do with the cream? Do you blend it in or let it stay on your skin for a few minutes and then take off? Plus I don't want to lighten up my skin just the pimps.

Flowerbirds says:

Yes, exfoliating n Blk soap gives a great complexion

Flowerbirds says:

Prayed and found out-baking soda and lemon juice

Track Peters says:

Next time try African Black Soap and Yellow Shea Butter, all natural and organic…with the ACV

Kula's World says:

What kind of black soap

shanice turner says:

am going try that thanks

Hummingbyrd Loves says:

What does the carrot cream do?

Kayla Munnings (dablacksoap biz) says:

Great video! I subbed and like, return the favor please,
Try this soap it works, it's affordable and you'll love it!

Lee Dee says:

Oh wowwww.. I will definitely try it out. ?

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