How To Get Clear Glowing Skin In 7 Days: DIY ACV Toner!

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Get Clear Glowing Skin Overnight! Diy Apple Cider Vinegar Toner!

Helps clear acne, blackheads, and overall skin. Toner helps restore PH blanace in your face and does not dry it out. I use the toner for more even skin complexion and glowy skin!

Products Used:

-Apple Cider Vinegar:
-Empty Bottle
-Eucerin Moisturizing Cream

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Alicia Rosa says:

Keep doing what you are doing!! Thank you for introducing me to Eucerin! My face has never been softer and my elbows, knees and cooch are definitely getting where (the color) I want them to be! More videos please!

j - hailen says:

does it need to be an exact measurement ?

Moni Auma says:

I'm from kenya and my skin is black and i love it that way hope it will not whiten my skin

Audrey says:

wow your skin is already beautiful!! you look like a barbie doll lol

Alicia Macias says:

I thought you were wearing foundation! You have very pretty skin. Question though, I have tried ACV toner already. Not only my face oil is more controlled and my makeup wears even better, I don't have to blot my face. But I also noticed my eyebrows look different. Looks like I'm experiencing unexpected eyebrow growth which is good!
Though I wanted to ask, I know ACV doesn't have a pleasant smell, does it go bad?

Moni Auma says:

your skin gal its wow….unfortunately i dont have Bragg organic acv. i have American Natural acv is it ok to use the one i have or it may react with my skin ?

AMMS says:

This removes pimple right?

The25Sister says:

This is truth, I have way less black spots and my skin shines!!

C Ali says:

Wow, your face is so clear. Looks like you have foundation on. 😀

Joy Senkungu says:

I genuinely want to THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! my skin used to be very dry,oily,and had a lot a acne. After I started using the Apple cider vinegar as a toner, my skin had completely changed! many people even ask if I have makeup on!that's how clear my skin has become!not to mention all the acne scars have basically disappeared!😋💜

Maartu QueeN says:

your skin is beautiful girl

Riya Kakkar says:

u rock man my skin is so clear and awesome thnx

Tiyan Campbell says:

thanks i have all this at home tfs☺

Chrissy Poo says:

Love your skin..Do you have oily or dry skin?

Kanga Acka says:

Hi what do u use for your body ? and how often for the toner ?

Drê says:

do you wash your face with a cleanser first?

Haroldlesha Samuel says:

I use this every nite it's just clear my face then I cud see all the dark spots on my face so I stop using using it till I can clear up the dark spots I don't no about the acne some is still on my face

Anastasia Bekoe says:

You dont wash off the apple cider vinegar? You just leave it on your skin? Then apply a moisturizer


What's your skin type?? Mine is the oiliest on the world.

Christian Blake says:

so the Apple cider is that to clean your exfoliate the skin

Richard Cole says:

So you don't wash the toner off after application? Moisturize on top of it?

Onyeabor Winnie says:

Nice one dear… thanks so much.. have been using it and is good…. what body lotion do you use? Thanks

Tiffany Rose says:

how long do i have to keep the vinegar on?

Sandra Foley says:

acv causes hyperpigmentation dark spots on your people faces.

sKelecty n00b says:

can i use tap water instead?

da'nautica parson says:

You use the original healing Eucerin but do Advanced work too? I grabbed the wrong one…

Chantal Williams says:

you are so beautiful,thanks for this video.

Angel Ene says:

Pls what store did u get the eucerin original healing creme? Your skin is so flawless

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