How To Do An Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse (ACV Rinse) On Your Hair | Mix + Benefits

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Not only does ACV have benefits for your body but it has so many benefits for your hair! Watch how I got rid of build up and itchy scalp doing this ACV Rinse!

Where Can You Find Apple Cider Vinegar?
Target, Walmart, Grocery Store, Amazon, etc

1 Part Apple Cider Vinegar
2-3 Parts Water
You can place it in any type of bottle you’d like!

Benefits of ACV Rinse?
Removes Product Build Up
Helps Relieve Scalp Issues (Itchy Scalp, Dandruff, Etc)
Makes Detangling Hair Easier
Balances pH Level of Hair
and much more!

I like doing this rinse when I feel like my scalp is getting itchy or my hair feels really dirty!
Have you tried an ACV Rinse Before??


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Kiara Fiorino says:

your hair is to thick can u make a video on the produces u use to make it thick as is pleaseee???

Kayla S says:

do you think it's still okay to use the rest of the ACV if you left it in a plastic spray for over 2 months cause I'm scared to use it and then I use it and it has bacteria or whatever in it and make my hair fall out or something

Olivia Hutchinson says:

I use this as a prepoo then follow up with shampo.

Jenni Fer says:

i wanna try but doesn't it smell terrible??

Dina S says:

I live by that rinse idk if you mentioned it but it also acts as a detangler and reduces hair shedding…omg love it

Witty Butterfly says:

Why did you decide to use acv instead of shampoo (which you had used so far) or a bentonite/rhassoul clay wash? I understand the benefits but you didn't expand on the reason for the change..

J Poodie says:

I tried the ACV rinse in my hair for the first time last weekend, and I damn near blinded myself with the vinegar! ???? It kept dripping in my eyes, but atleast the results turned out great

MsLadyC93 says:

can we wash it with shampoo first, then use the apple cider vinegar too?

Angela Acosta says:

Don't rinse out the vinegar rinse with watet after? or did I miss that…just condition after the 15 min?

Maya Posey says:

This is totally off subject but she looks like the older version of Charlize Glass. Older isn't a bad thing in this case cause Char is only 14 lol

Yazmin Singleton says:

I luv your hair it's soooooooooo gorgeous

Tipp Waddle says:

Gotta try this

Angelique B. says:

what shampoo did u use after?

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