How To Do An ACV Rinse (Apple Cider Vinegar) on Natural Hair | BiancaReneeToday

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Dandruff. Itchy Scalp. Dry Hair. Hair Loss. ALL THINGS that can be cured by doing an ACV Rinse! ACV stands for Apple Cider Vinegar which is a special vinegar that contains many healing properties. This is an easy DIY remedy you can make at home to get a clean and healthy scalp!

Apple Cider Vinegar- any grocery store in the vinegar isle. I got mine from Ralph’s for $4.50

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Justin Terry says:

i got my bottle and sniffed it to see if it was still fresh the smell is now stuck in my nose

Eliyahu Ortiz says:

Gross & pew !!!

Mikal Banks says:

She is so beautiful 😍. Lol. Sorry had to say it😁. Have a nice day

Masterutubers17 123 says:

How often do I do this ??

Fiza Dinesh says:

do we do this on shampooed hair and then apply conditioner ? or does this ACV rinse replace ur regular shampoo?

Kingjoebucks says:

if i do this, should i still shampoo my hair the same week?

Rasha Souleiman says:

Does cyder affect color? Mein is red

Muslimah says:

I have a dandruff problem and I heard this helps. Can't wait to try it later on today.

DennygirlJO says:

I have ABSOLUTELY no shampoo and mi head wa wash. Thanks for this vid.

Emmanuel Vereen says:

When your hair not even long enough to detangle.😫😫😫

Ellandrea Mckissack says:

I did it and it was absolutely amazing! My scalp was clean and my hair was shiny. Detangling my hair was also so much easier after the rinse. How often should you do this process?

Eseibio The Automatic says:

whats wrong with tangles in your hair..your racist

Cierra Foster says:

I've been having itchy scalp lately, so I'm def trying this this weekend !

Paula Duncan says:

Thank you! just purchased a bottle of ACV because I all the wonderful things it does! I've already used it for weight loss today, can't wait to use it for my hair and scalp!

jenna ammons says:

your personality is so bubbly and fun!

B Watson says:


annaira elus says:

it burns my scalp is that normal

jacqui g says:

Did you sleep on the top of you head ? Lol πŸ˜‚ jk

Dorie Bixby says:

Can a white person do this?

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