How to Detox the Pineal Gland and Unlock Superhuman Potential – Saturday Strategy

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It’s Saturday Strategy! Joining us in this episode is a good friend of mine, Amish Shah. Amish has been on the show before sharing with us ideas about Mindset. Mindset is Amish’s passion and if you have been following any of our Mindset Mondays, you know that we love this very topic! This week, we’re going to share about How to Become Super Human!

Do you ever feel like there is untapped potential in you? Have you had thoughts that you could be contributing more, experiencing more, and being who you really want to be? I know I have, and I’m still on that journey of continual discovery.

On this week’s Saturday Strategy, Amish and I will share three tools with you to really tap into your superhuman abilities!

What is the Pineal Gland?
How to De-Calcify your Pineal Gland?
Live Webinar / Online Training

Tool # 1 – What is the Pineal Gland?

The Pineal Gland is a little gland in the center of the human brain. Specifically, it’s an endocrine gland located in the vertebrate brain. It connects our senses to our brain. When we’re sleeping, it secretes the hormone called melatonin which helps us sleep better and give us good dreams. Melatonin is a serotonin derivative which affects the modulation of our sleep and wake patterns.

With melatonin, you can actually dream in real life by giving you better metabolism, more energy, balance within your body and quality rest. So we have to boost up our Pineal Glands in order to be Super Human.

If Superman has Kryptonite, the Kryptonite for Pineal Gland is Fluoride. We acquire Fluoride from different sources like the water that we drink or the toothpaste that we use. But those mediums of Fluoride are not good for our Pineal Gland. What’s good for our pineal gland is Skate Liver Oil, which will help pull back the toxic layers on the pineal gland. Together with ACV, these are very great additions to the juice recipe that we are going to be creating.

Tool #2 – How to De-calcify your Pineal Gland?

Due to the Standard American Diet (SAD) and harmful toxins our bodies are exposed to, calcification of the pineal takes place. Layers upon layers of pollutants and toxins are lodged on the pineal gland. This is the reason why it’s important to drink fresh vegetable juices to begin detoxing our systems and our pineal gland.

The recipe today consists of 3 stalks of Kale, 1 apple, 1 lemon, 1 cucumber and 2 table spoons of Apple Cider Vinegar.

Definitely add a bit of Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) as it is great for detoxification and it boosts the nutritional benefits.

With some of our favorite vegetables and fruits, we’ll have a great juice recipe that could make us super human by unlocking our hidden potential right in our brain!

If you make this a habit every morning, you will really notice the difference that it’s giving you and your body.

Tool #3 – Live Webinar Intro

This coming Tuesday, we will be introducing you to Live Webinar / Online Training by Amish. Amish will be hosting the session and sharing with you ancient knowledge that can help us in the modern world. It’s all about transformation and unleashing a version of your higher self. If you have been sitting back and you have waiting for a change in your life, click here. You can pre-register in the online training. There is limited seating so register now!

If you want to win the juicer for next week, leave a comment below this video. We will be giving away a $400 Jay Kordich Power Grind Pro Juicer to one lucky winner.

Always remember, we’re in this together…

– Drew Canole

Saturday Strategy – How to Unlock Your Super Human Potential

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Adam Oliva says:

I unlocked my pineal gland for a while and it was really weird but cool,
but then it went away and it sucks. 

George Potts says:

started off with snake oil…how appropriate 

Penny Stock Whispers says:

what is the name of that green leaf they are using? Keil? How do you spell

erickg076 says:

I need help with getting fluoride off my water , whats an economic fluoride
filtration system. Please help and thank you. 

alexander guterres says:


Emma Shipley says:

Did I hear you say that your body produces fluoride? Why yes I did. I’m
afraid you need to check that bit of information. Fluoride is an exogenous
member of the halite family. Meaning that you have to get it through
ingestion in some form or another. The body does not make it. At least not
from what I’ve studied about it.

Kai Leighya says:


Mike Young says:

I activated myself through meditation. I can’t speak for anyone else but
myself, and I was able to physically perceive a…a thing you must see for
It is very real, more real than what you’re used to, and very worthwhile.
This stranger urges you to undertake the task if you would seek more from

Colleen Carmello says:

Amish you look so familiar. it was driving me nuts.. aaahh then I signed up
and there it was.. ah ha.. Project Yourself.. :)) so pleasantly surprised
of the full circle leading back to you.. 🙂
and Drew.. I love you.. just have to say… :)) thank you thank you

james davis says:

what about adding honey to this to sweeten


would that recipe still work if you add the skate liver oil to it?

Angela Perez says:

I love your videos I find them so informative.

lissoda says:

Hi great videos!! but music tend to be a bit loud and distracting :(

Devante Roberts says:

This is awesome I have been looking for this info for years now! Thank you
both for unlocking my potential

servicepassion10 says:

Pretty interesting.

Ahmad Sarameh says:

Has Anyone Personally Experienced Anything?

jim jones says:


jack sparrow says:

did anyone get any results at all ?? say if u did plz 

Adrian Carswell says:

As a chef, there is a lot of important information here that I never knew
about. I can inform my clients and help change their lives through diet and
information. Thank you so mush for sharing your knowledge with me!

lightenengy says:

Amish,i had no idea you were this spiritual, thanks for the cleansing
pineal gland recipe. I didn’t believe in half the stuff i’ve seen on aliens
or spiritualism until a 30 foot entity told me to turn my music down not in
english but i understood loud and clear.

Dwayne Golden says:

Clowns to the left of me, Jokers to the right, here I am stuck in the
middle of WOO.

Brittany Greenwood says:

I need a juicer… I’ve been looking everywhere for a detox for my pineal

toastiecake says:

You guys are awesome

Rick Leinecker says:

Hello, the “free” webinar video does not exist, or at least there is no way
to find a link. The Add To Cart button leads to a server error 500–would
you put payment information into a page that gives you a server error?
Although I could be wrong, this appears to be a scam.

MonstersNightmare says:

Discovering the full potentials of the human body is a real passion I am
delving into

joe r says:

i guess thats why I’m having problems sleeping. i read that iodine,
tamarind, magnesium and a liver cleanser helps..

Brittany Greenwood says:

I need a juicer… I’ve been looking everywhere for a detox for my pineal

Sandra Jones says:

I can’t wait to try this , I need to lose weight , an get my health back on
track , thinking this is it , my memory has gotta very bad , an so sleepy
all the Time , I need a health energy boost , Thanks for your info , your
the greatest

theogusat says:

You don’t look Superhuman to me. Not even very smart.

Purple Six Recordz says:

They didnt like the taste. :D

MrWacoldest254 says:

barely learned this today but ive been doing this unknowingly and it duz

Keith Hogan says:

Just stumbled on to this because a fb friend of mine posted a pic with him
holding a pine cone against the center of his head with the quote “unlock
your pineal”……I laughed a bit then decided to Google just
that…………now I’m here watching your video by random. I so want to
explore this……….. my mother before she passed always said! ” you have
not because you ask not” so I’m asking to try this…..If you have another
juicer to give I would gladly like to use it to explore Explorer more on
the pineal gland!!

Hope this finds you well

Chase Ogolin says:

He said “our pineal gland starts to DEcalcifying over time due to
fluoride..” This is absolutely wrong!! Flouirde causes our pineal glands to
calcify which is the problem I believe he was trying to address?

bannor216 says:

wow juicers totally suck and are entirely counterproductive. just get a

Lam Borghini says:

This is a lot of work. Can’t I buy this premixed in bottled form?

Seeinsounds Kendrick says:

dumb ass loud background music..

Jacob Elizondo says:

Cleansing your Third Eye.

Jerome Dechant says:

I don’t have a juicer, is there any alternative method to make the drink
without a juicer?

Marlene Wilcott says:

Hi guys I will try this every morning for 21 days will let u know how it

Bertiseye says:

I do like the video, it can only do you good

WakeUp OrDieTrying says:

don’t listen to them, if you want your pineal gland to start functioning as
it should then you must start trusting your governments and eat gmos, drink
fluoride, consume as much mercury and aspartame as you can, do not touch
raw foods, only processed foods, and of course only white flour for a
better health overall, don’t forget to increase your sugar intake as it
helps activate your pineal gland. Do not forget that your governments are
good and they want you to be healthy, that’s why they put fluoride in your
water (even most bottled) and they won’t let you brush your teeth without
this super vitamin. 

Tania D'Avola says:

hi, I noticed that you put rind of lemon in, I’ve been told that the rind
isn’t good. Can you explain please, thanks, Tania 

Bertiseye says:

Amish said”and what happens is your pinail gland starts DEcalcifying over
time with the fluoride with the environment with everything that were
doing”at 2:34 in the video. I”m sure what was meant to be said was
calcifying not decalcifying. I listened to it 12 times to be sure. 

Alicia Gonzalez says:

Cleansing your Third Eye. #GoodVibeTribe 

Spencer Sadler says:

Will you post a “full version” of this video unabridged? I want to know
what you edited out. 

sarah coffey says:

I like that we don’t really “need” anything, to create our own reality(: We
are all already doing it… just if we are conscious of it or not … I
wouldn’t take any fish oil though… (: just sayin.

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