How to detangle EXTREMELY matted 4C hair with Apple Cider Vinegar

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Hey loves! This tutorial is to show you how you can easily detangle hair that is extremely matted with Apple Cider Vinegar as a detangling conditioner. In this video, my daughter’s hair was in Twist for 3 months and as a results, She had a lot of tangles in her hair but watch how easily I was able to get rid of all the knots in her hair in just seconds…This tutorial will prove that you don’t always need expensive store bought conditioners to detangle your hair. Please SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS and give this video a thumps up if it helped you out. Thanks!!


DatAfricanGirl says:

I sincerely apologize for talking so slow in this video, I was trying to be super clear so everyone would understand what I was saying. I didn't want anyone to misunderstand me.???????

Mocha18 says:

Hi, I am going to try this on my 2 year old. She has type 3a curls, her hair gets tangled very easily and now she has a huge knot on the bottom that I can't seem to untangle. I hope this helps, thank you ??

Temi Tope says:

I did this to my hair having kept in small braid for 3 months. I have 4c hair (nigerian), taking my braid out is something I dread (no pun intended). This technique was a god send, thank you so much!

JazzyMB7 says:

Awesome really great information thanks so much

Adahia Olachea says:

I have apple cider vinegar but it's not organic can I still use it ?

Fhee Babes says:

I have really bad matted hair caused from my depression & I have never tried apple cider till now, thank you.

Angela T. says:

Thank you so much for the video and no apology needed. Great Job and very clear instructions!!

Angela T. says:

Do you wash the hair after using the vinegar and water mix??? I want to try this for my daughter hair?

Sarora197 says:

I hate coconut oil my daughter had great long hair after I used coconut oil on hair once it turned out horrible tangled hair :'(

Jasmine Y says:

My hair were almost in straight dreads and it was the worst I've ever seen my hair I started at 12 and finished at 1. Thanks sooo much and this is also good for twist outs

taunisha townsel says:

Yes, sis. It worked EXTREMELY WELL! Thanks so much for sharing!♡

Renee Willis says:

my daughter is 12 and always just brush her hair, so will this work for just matted hair from brushing it all together for months?

Neha Mehant says:

very big knot for my baby hair

Neha Mehant says:

its safe 4 baby

spiritual vibes says:

it's a little embarrassing but I have extremely matted hair and I've been trying to brush through it but it's taking a really long time and doesn't seem to be progressing. it's really thick and matted into a big tight knot and I'm not sure exactly what to do

Gr8P says:

Oil sheen works as well. Spray and the tangles just melt out of the hair.

Belinda N says:

Why are you talking so slow????

Miss Amazon says:

Praise the good Lord in heaven above and all that is good and holy!!
Left my very, very think afro hair in cane row for over a year and I was terrified that I would have to cut my hair in order to comb it out. Watched this video last night and this morning I tried your concoction of ACV and water on my matter locks…….I now refer you to the start of this comment!!!!

RandR Campos says:

Can this work the same for dog hair?

Tye says:

Thank you. I will definitely try this.

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