How to Cure a Urinary Tract Infection at Home, UTI Bladder Infection

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Urinary Tract Infection is the second most common infection in the U.S. More than eight million people suffer from it each year. Fortunately, there are remedies that can suppress the infection in the early stages.

How to cure a urinary tract infection at home

Natural treatments for UTI’s don’t require exotic hard-to-find ingredients. In fact, most natural UTI treatments use items commonly found in grocery stores. And I’ll share some of those with you. But before I get to that, here are some basic practices that will help eliminate a UTI.

• Drink plenty of clear liquids, enough so that your urine runs clear
• Because you will be consuming so much liquid you will need to replenish your minerals
• Avoid processed sugar, which promotes the growth of bad bacteria

Now, as promised, here are some items that you can use to cure UTI at home yourself.

1. Acidophilus. Acidophilus is beneficial bacteria, touted for its many health benefits, some of which have been known for thousands of years.
2. Baking soda. baking soda will help neutralize acid involved in the burning sensation you feel upon urinating.
3. Cranberry. The key here is to avoid any cranberry product sweetened with sugar.
4. Parsley. Parsley has proved itself a potent medicinal herb. It kills a wide array of bacteria, and fungus naturally.
5. Apple cider vinegar. Raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar is naturally anti-bacterial. It also helps your body maintain proper pH levels.

Proper use of these items will flush bacteria from your body, relieve the burning sensation experienced during urination, and work with your body to eliminate your infection.

Learn more about these remedies and others, including complete step-by-step instructions, by clicking the link below. There you will have access to important and useful information from Mary Jo Barton on curing UTI’s naturally.

Don’t delay treating your UTI. Click the link now.


Rak Chazak says:

Lots of water and vitamin C. That is all I did, No antibiotics, works the
best imo.

12345nanananana says:

i drink 4 bottle of mineral water for a week already. how do i know if im
cured from uti? should i stop now?

The Poppers says:

How much apple cider vinegar do you drink?

The Poppers says:

How much apple cider vinegar do you drink?

ion ghica says:

Make sure, if you take anti- bacterial to replace the lost good bacteria
(plain yogurt)

Josiah Berkeridge says:

Thanks doc

jay6157 says:

water and cranbarry juice helps alot give it about 2 week to heal. the rest
is hard to get I fapp alot so meh look at my video and you know why lol

Shurea Jones says:

I have a bladder infection make a vid for kids because I’m eleven and I
don’t want to do this stuff

juan martinez says:

Mahalo , it’s the best info i gotten yet, aloha from the boonies on the

Rasul says:

Start practicing astral projection, it cures everything!

BJ Daniels says:

i suggest u mostly drink just water and tea (with no shugar added)

lilsmiley16840 says:

I have been getting UTI for years now and doctors just keep giving me
anitbiotic which no longer work because my body is already used to them.
I’ve asked if theres is something they can give to prevent the reoccuring
UTI rather than treat it everytime and they keep telling me no. I am tired
of getting them. I’m having an ultrasound of my bladder done tomorrow but I
think my kidneys are getting damaged or something because now my back hurts
bad all through the front just below my rib cage.

Rasul says:

@Tatiana Lopez There’s a lot more to it, that’s just the basics, do as much
research online about it as possible, I have a book on it -Astral Dynamics,
by Robert Bruce, it’s a must have for practitioners of ap, btw there’s
binaural beats/ isochronic tones on Youtube for ap, you can use Youtube
repeat & play it all night while sleep, it helps a lot! Btw mentality
sorrounding your body with white when you lie to keep negative beings in
the astral away

onlythewise1 says:

yes i was shocked to hear this about coke and i thin kshould stikc to once
a week or little like you said a little bit

onlythewise1 says:

lady died month ago who drank one gallon of coke a day

Becca Boo says:

wow i found a treatment for me not found anywhere at all….. USE GARLIC
GIRLS. use garlic bulbs…. u can put garlic in a bottled water, shake,
then drink keep filling it up and u’ll see and feel it go away instintly!!!
girls my grandmother told me this and it works fast… u wont have anymore
problems either… i used to get it every 2-4 months but not anymore trust
me girls you’ll love using garlic a lot!!! ~Becca~

jenny says:

hi Becca would this be safe for children?

John says:

Most definitely

onlythewise1 says:

yes i do that tea is fine

XXVXclan says:

Thank you

BJ Daniels says:

coke caused my prostatis&cistitys..if i start drinkin a gallon per day for
a few months like in the old days im sure im gonna have problems again..not
that im fine..i gotta to admit i drink ocasionaly ..and in small quantities
cose when i was sick was drinking just a tea for my health
issues(prostatits) and didnt drink any other stuff ..

Rasul says:

@Tatiana Lopez *Lie down

jasmine clark says:

Thnak you its so helpful do you mix baking soda with water

Melie Breton says:

Hi, I’m having the exact same problem as you and I’m getting completely
depressed because of it… It’s a real pain in my life and I was wondering
if your garlic treatment really worked preventing it too. Also, what is the
posology exacly? How often do you take it, how many days to cure an
infection and if it works to prevent it, how much do you have to take? If
you could give me more infos I would be really thankful! Thank you!

Steph D says:

does this even work? the garlic or the Uritrafe Remedy? My Cousin has UTI
but too shy to speak to a doctor

Lighten Oup says:

Women using inferior low-quality brands of sanitary napkins that’s
currently avaliable on the market shelves are only exposing themselves to
increased risk of diseases such as Vaginitis, Urinary Tract Infections, and
even CANCER…. However, I know of a ONE really great, but not well known
brand out there that not only significantly reduces the risks, but also
promotes long-term health. Please message me if you want to know more… If
you ignore this and you get sick… SUCKS for you lol.

Rasul says:

Wow I’m just noticing what a run on sentence, lol

Tatiana Lopez says:

I’ve astral projected once. I never would’ve known what astral projection
is until my friend told me about it…. I just don’t know how i did it, and
i want to do it again. Can you explain how to do it again? By the way, I’m

BJ Daniels says:

well mention the fact that the liquid shult not in any way be coke or other
soda’s idiot doctor sayd to me same stuff drink as much liquid i
can..and..the trigger for prostatis or uti ar especialy coke and soda’s
m-dew etc..why dont u mention this shit destroyes kidnneys..i had friend
working at coke factory..and when they drank lots of coke they had severe
kiddney’s pains..and srry for my english

Rasul says:

@Tatiana Lopez Make out your going to sleep, close eyes, & you must be 100%
relax. Clench all muscles in your body & release starting from your feet
then working your way up to your neck. Next take deep breaths, inhale &
exhale for a count of four. Make sure to keep your mind clear, your
physical body won’t fall asleep if there’s a lot of mental chatter

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