How to Cleanse Your Vagina with Apple Cider Vinegar

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Hi guys! My first video of the new year is about Apple Cider Vinegar for cleansing the genitals. I’ve been getting a lot of questions on why and how to use it- and this quick video should give you a brief overview of its application. I’ll be posting more details on the blog, feel free to email me your questions –

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ACV Cleanse Recipes:

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Samantha Adel Andrei says:

geeeezzzz! I'm sleepy. .. put some humor madam.

amon tri says:

my girlfriend gets mad cause I won't go " downtown" ?? but it tends to smell like " a small dead bird " ?? ?? I have tried to politely address this with her and she threatened to punch me in the chest i have heard that if the women eats pineapples it helps in the " downtown" region ?? don't know if that's true but i know I may not be alone on the subject coming from a male point of view it does seem common that if you don't go " downtown "? that the women will question you and think your a ?or that your cheating

Thomas Mcclendon says:

This will be good 2 learn! In case my future baby Girl slash wife! Gets sick I'll no how to clean her body before. I put her to bed yea I take my !!! Daddy slash husband role serious

guts says:

Yall are some nasty ass creatures.

Alexis Brooks says:

couldn't hear you at all.

Texas903G says:

Ooh seems like it would burn your p***y I don't want to hurt my ? maybe sitting in the tub and putting it in my bathwater but not Straight up my ? jar.

nick capstick says:

Damn i would love to clean her vagina with my apple cider……could you please show me an clip of how to use it?… would help me very much…..

JWW says:

ACV is an excellent aid for use in personal hygiene. You can add it to your bath water and it helps to restore the pH balance to your skin. It is also antifungal and will help to deodorize your body. At least once a week take you a nice 20-30 minute warm soak with a cup of ACV added to the water and your favorite soap, you will emerge from your bath fully energized, refreshed and relaxed. Great for men also, they can get quite sweaty down there and ACV will help control odors. You can even splash a little under your armpits after shaving. The vinegar smell will dissipate as it dries and then you can apply deodorant. You will stay fresh longer.

Alexis A says:

This was very helpful and straight to the point. Thank you! Also could you use the vinegar directly on acne?

Magdalene Mbanga says:

Thanks, what if I can't find apple cider vinegar can be replace with what

Edward Hyman says:

you are sexy

HK E says:

Yeah Apple Cider Vinegar burns like a mofo!!

Liana Viamonte says:

I'm sorry, but this was very repetitive and didn't explain any specific uses for cleansing.

Kimmbly Crumley says:

vinegar should be white not the apple cider

Ruth B. Brown says:

uggghhhhh very slow

Tina Holman Lewis says:

Why are you using supermarket vinegar and not the real deal….Braggs?  You didn't hold the bottle well enough so the audience can see.

Christina Rutherford says:

So true. I love sugar!

Leanna Reid says:

Can we add it to bathe water and sit in it or is it more effective to drink it with water?

Kim Howell says:

we should not be douching, the vaginal cleanse itself inside and out. people stop and consult you gynecologist and he/she will tell you. acv/vinegar also changes your pH balance levels.

Liana Flores says:

will it give you a virus

42 Maat 42 Laws Manifest With Yourself 100% says:

Thank You So Much! I Really Appreciate You! Peace ??

Mabel Badu Forson says:

am sorry but you made the video boring

Chinky Braidz says:

I follow you on Instagram @dumpbellyfat is my IG ??? I'm in live with apple cider vinegar for my water , face , etc

LoCLub isborn says:

fyi I use a dusch bottle to flush with acv (apple cider vinegar)

LoCLub isborn says:

ok. so I have been using the acv for bv for the past 4 days.. I do it once a day.. am I suppose to do it twice a day?
but that's not my main issue, since using the acv it's been going well down thr in my lady parts … it feels great so far, only thing is I'm noticing when I check my myself with a mirror… I notice a translucent/kind of like egg yolk substance that's just chilling in the lips of my vaginal… it doesn't itch,burn,or smell .. and it's not too alarming to me bcuz it doesn't bother me. should this be happening? should I be worried? this has never happened prior to using acv. I know what a yeast/bv feels like and looks like so I know it's not that.
what I'm thinking is that it's the" bad bacteria" that's like dead now coming out. ( tmi) I know but I'm blunt, so yea. I also have changed my diet , no dairy,meats, sugars etc. basically juicing lots of greens and fruit with natural whole foods (I have been doing that for months now). ok hope to get a response for some clarity.

shaun banks says:

It makes the yonie tight.

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