How To: Bentonite Clay Mask On Naturally Curly Hair

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Hi Lovelies! Here’s the recipe for the mask:

1/2 Cup of Indian Healing Clay

2-3 Tbsp of the oil/s of your choice

6 Tbsp of Raw Apple Cider Vinegar

3 Tbsp of water

Try it out and let me know what you think!

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ayeyoitsdrop says:

how long have you been natural

Arrey Zoretta says:

your is is so silky. how can i attain a silky hair for my babys natural afro like yours?. pls give me some tips

briannapiernas08 says:

I use this mask for my face but I would never put it in my hair. I'm too scared it will mess with the ph balance in my hair!

C Ali says:

Wow, and I just ordered this clay today!

Hyosomoo says:

Creepy because I was literally thinking about Ebony doing a video about this clay.

jesse jesse says:

I've been using the this mask for a while. I noticed that when the consistency of the mixture is more thicker I get less curl definition. I would recommend mixing it to a more thinner consistency. When it's in your hair it shouldn't weigh your hair down straight… you should see your curls instantly pop. I would also recommend thinning it out because the clay can clog your drains. Also this is a very clarifying cleanser so there really isn't any need to shampoo, I would imagine that it could be very drying. Can't wait to see your results?

Judith sethman says:

lol I make the same faces everytime something messy touches my hands. I can't wait to get an update hope it works.

Katie Beiler says:

How long do you steam?

JaiProdz says:

Love your videos 🙂

Night Angel says:

Yaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!!! So glad that you tried it. I only put tea tree oil in mine, but yours is a good mix. Can't wait to see the results!

ArghRawrWhoa says:

you can do it

shawnette marie says:

Can't wait to see your update. I was praying for you and your curls cause I know you were frustrated. Hang in there ?

JustJaida says:

I have this mask, but I never thought about putting it in my hair.

Akeya Johnson says:

how long have you been using your steamer? i have heard of the steamer changing people curls patterns over time… afrikanhairgod did a video on how it made his hair pattern limp/looser

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