How I’m Detoxing After the Holidays (The ACV Detox)

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After the Holidays I felt like my body needed a healthy jumpstart…so i went back to one of my tried and true natural remedies – Organic, Raw, Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar. How about you??? Did you start any new health regimens this year?

Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar:
Blog Post About the ACV Detox:

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*Disclaimer – I am not a doctor. Please follow your doctor’s advice for any chronic illnesses.

I will say, however, that a lot of medical professionals are unaware of the benefits of holistic, all natural remedies, so take all of that into consideration 🙂

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Kalei Lagunero says:

Oooooooo sounds interesting! As for the not so nice email… There are
nicer ways to express a request! Lol love you! I wanna try this! 

kssnmiss says:

I will try this, its easier!

Hannah Neely says:

I love this video!!!! I subscribed <3 it would mean the world to me if you
could check out my channel!!(:

Tracy Timberlake says:

Video: How I’m Detoxing After the Holidays (The ACV Detox)

jessesweetie08 says:

Im vBulletin defenitly going to try this thank you :)

A Lopez says:

I’m gonna try this +Tracy Timberlake I’m a little worried because of the
smell of ACV but I will tuff it out. ♡

LadyBug1383 says:

Awww, I have organic, unfiltered ACV in my pantry, but it doesn’t have the
mother in it! 

xojessierenae says:

I’ve done the ACV “detox” before but the taste of the vinegar literally
makes me gag, so I found it helpful to squirt some kind of water flavoring
(like MiO) in with it. Doesn’t totally mask the flavor but it definitely
helps! Also, have you ever tried doing a “teatox”? I just ordered the 14
day teatox from because I’ve been seeing lots of good results
from it around the web lately!

Jessie Czelusniak says:

Don’t do what I did I took the two table spoons last week like a shot I
thought I was going to die lol 

MariasFaves says:

OMG I liked you before but now I absolutely love you. I use the braggs
version, I swear by this stuff! Keep it up Tracy you’re great! xoxo

MissPrincessD says:

Hi Tracy! I saw your first video on ACV, and it got me interested in it.
Then I went on iherb and saw Coconut Secret’s Coconut Vinegar, so I tried
it, too. I absolutely love both CV and ACV (although I prefer to drink the
CV). I would like to know what you think of the CV and which one you
prefer if you get a chance to check it out :)

Domniki Sarri says:

Must be great!

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