HOW I Lost 30 LBS in 30 Days With NO Exercise (PICS)

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DISCLAIMER: I am in NO WAY a nutritionist, personal trainer, doctor or anything of the sort. I am just a person who is sharing what worked for ME.

The first 30 days of my journey I didn’t step foot in the gym.. I just cut out all of the things that were literally killing me.


No Sodas
No Complex Carbs (potatoes, chips, rice etc.)
No Sugars (No cakes, pies, cookies, candy etc.)
1 Gallon of water EVERY SINGLE DAY
2 Tablespoons apple cider vinegar every morning followed by water
I ate ATLEAST 4 times per day minimum. I tried to do 6 small meals.
I did JJ Smith’s 10 day green smoothie cleanse and lost 17lbs
I incorporated shakes as meal replacements or snack replacements
Tons of veggies

I have within the last month or so been working out regularly STILL using my apple cider vinegar and drinking my FULL gallon of water daily.

To date I have lost over 30 lbs (Note: I haven’t weighed myself in about 2 weeks so I can’t give an accurate number of how much I have lost AFTER the first 30 days.. but I can tell I’ve lost inches)

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ThriftingThickChick says:

DISCLAIMER: I am in NO WAY a nutritionist, personal trainer, doctor or anything of the sort. I am just a person who is sharing what worked for ME. I do workout currently and plan to continue. Its definitely a struggle EVERY DAY!

Hair By Habiba says:

Love your weight loss routine! The proof is in the pudding – it worked for you! awesome! and I am a medical doctor inspired by you. Good Luck!

Angies Lost says:

I came here for help thank u

JustMe says:

I've been doing this for four days and I'm five pounds down!!!! Yay

peachaf says:

Thank you started diet needed more inspiration to keep going. God bless.

LaTasha Carter says:

Thank you. I needed to see this tip today. And the encouragement.

Glitter Nails says:

Undiluted ACV can be erosive and cause esophagitis and be hurtful to your digestive tract. It works but it must be diluted so that you don't hurt yourself. You maybe fine now but there will be a time where you won't be.

GingerMM says:

guys i can not get past the taste of the ACV,is there anything that will take the taste away i tried it in water with all kinds of crap,do u think the pills work at all?

Marla Martenson says:

Thanks for sharing this!

Kingamir ka says:

i was 250 + in 2003 in to months went back to high school weight 165 lbs by drinking 16 oz of oilive oil and 6 lemons plus cascarra nagrada or c.k.l.s pills from dr goss in Compton ca . ?

Felicia F says:

Try chugging with a straw as the acid in the vinegar is bad for your enamel. Other than that rock on !

Memphis Bell says:

Be careful people. I saw a friend post about this topic so I decided to just try it (not a good idea). This caused cramps in my stomach! At first I thought it was something else but it wasn't. Pay attention to your body and know it for yourself, what works for one may not work for another.

konichiwa 50 says:

it's important to mix the apple cider vinegar with at least a cup of warm water…… it's important to dilute it…….. it's strong!!!……. but if 1 tablespoon of ACV is too strong……. start with a,1/2 teaspoon for a week or so…… then move up to 1 tablespoon……… start the ACV regime 1st thing when you get up……. then eat a healthy meal……….. I am a consistent daily user of ACV for a year now……… I have lost weight about 15lbs……. but the other health benefits have been awesome for me…….. sorry for the long comment………. ACV works!!!!
but everyone is different and tolerance to ACV strength and taste is individual……… it works!!!

Jameka Nicole says:

I have to cut out my coffee ????

Tann Smith says:

thank u! I'm so proud of you! I just started eating better again. looking at some other clips, u was led to yours! Your video also encouraged me!!!! excited!!!!

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