How I get rid of Pimples , DIY Apple Cider Vinegar Face Toner!

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This stops pimples , breakouts , tiny bumps , skin irritation and more!

Rose Russo
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Toronto, Ontario
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► Facial products I use (as requested in many vids)

This gets rid of acne , pimples and breakouts! Smells horrible but works wonders! I tested this on my friend who has acne and it solved her issue! I have never seen my face as clear as it is now. If you’ve tried everything give this DIY toner a try! Got nothing to loose 😉


think positive says:

I am using Eden Organic Apple Cider Vinegar too to cure my acne on my
forehead. All my acne was healed except that the smell of the vinegar
stayed too. I want to use it also in the morning before applying face
powder but I am afraid of the smell. Once I used it while treating my acne
on my forehead and people can smell me even from a far. How did you get rid
of the smell? I feel like I stink all the time

lcook043k says:

Hi…I clean my face with acv and then after few minutes I moisturise my
face…I dontvwash my face before moisturising. .is it ok…and how many
days invacweek we should use skin is little dry

restoreyourfacenet says:

Apple cider vinegar as a facial toner is one of the great solutions for
facial toning. This is one of the recommended home made face toner for

Kylee Andrews says:

I love this stuff!!!!(: I put it on every night and morning! Then
mosterize. It picks up any left over makeup and dead skin!

dying4chocolate says:

@onandforward I swipe. And I guess you would call it normal pressure but
I’m always gentle with my face (don’t know if that helps). And vinegar is a
natural disinfectant. It does not need to be refridgerated. You just
replace it when you are running low or are fully out. But I wouldn’t make a
big batch. I do 9 TBSP (1 TBSP a.c. vinegar, 8 TBSP water)

EvelinAvila45 says:

How can u prevent oily skin??? Plz answer me I need 2 know how 2 get rid of
my oily skin:)

francesca paleracio says:

I shouldve tried this a lot sooner cause for the past week ive been
breaking out nd i tried this last night nd this morning nd im already
clearing up… Seriously this stuff is like magic! 🙂

samalyy says:

its really great for acne scars 🙂 i like it <3

Kristen Jennifer says:

Great tutorial. Heeellllpppfulll!

monstertiktokify says:

Avoid the eyr area it stings my eye trust me

AJAY1636 says:

DIY face mask

Sweetie3103 says:

LOVE this kind of video! could you do some more?

manderpanderz18 says:

ive been doing this for years. cant go without it =]

Pigeoneer Toy says:

Can you use it around the eyes?

ugg nope says:

Does it have to be organic ?

pauline baeza says:

Cool! This is more affordable than Clinique

everygrrlhasbeauty says:

how kum u havnt made a video an awsome guna do this

x3DoodIe says:

& Welcome Back~ ☺ ♥

samalyy says:

@Dinodiify troooll

Lauramae Ann dela Rosa says:

Love your kitchen cabinets!!!!

Sandy Marilyn says:

what skin type do you have? my t-zone is oily and my cheeks are dry do you
think i can use it? i just started to use olive oil on my face every night
and it works very good for spots and acne scars do you think i could use
both of them? thank you for sharing this video. have a nice day 🙂

angel says:

My dermatologist said if you put apple cider vinegar and go out into the
sun, it’ll make acne WORSE. because of the acid. so if you guys use this,
do it before bed!

sophia b says:

How do you get your hair so long ? ( :

tIgGeRnPoOh25 says:

Alright 🙂 Thank you! I’ll try it as soon as I can.

Oksana Lovell says:

Have you used DermaCosmec Purifying Toner with AHA and glycolic acid? I
heard a lot of good things from friends but just wondering what’s your
expertise is. Thanks

autulicious says:

@Angheat56 I am not an expert on this stuff but I personally think you
should apply the new DIY toner but not apply your night cream just incase
so that the toner can sink into your skin and do its magic:D and if it
works for you, then you could probably apply your night cream the night

Tori Chats says:

@OneMoreIce she said Quote “I spray two to three pumps of this toner into a
cotton pad and gently wipe it all over my freshly washed face – only at
nighttime because it DOES smell.” there is a speech bubble that comes up
and says “don’t wash off the toner, let it dry then apply your nightcream
<3" So to put it shortly - put it on after you wash your face, let it dry
and then put on your nightcream.

Vanessa Cruz says:

Is it okay if it’s not organic?

hannahthehiccup says:

I was making this in the kitchen, and my brother walked in. He said the
smell would “haunt his dreams.” lool. I honestly don’t blame him. But if
this stuff can give me clear skin, it’s definitely worth it. 🙂

JenXing says:

@Dinodiify Wow, are you 5 yrs old? You can’t type for shit. Do yuo
udnertsnad tihs? Dumb. Also, if she was going to put it on her face the
title would have had “demo” or “tutorial” in it as anyone with a brain
would have figured out. Go back to your hole now please.

victoriasmommy2008 says:

Thank u so much rosebud … O tried this and I loved the way it left my
face…. The only con is the smell is awful

Hugh Jass says:

You look good without all that eye makeup

sweets0916 says:

Rose please do more videos!!!

noya20 says:

Great I will defiantly try it thanks so much you’re so great and beautiful

Alina Cruz says:

i missed you so much ! ^_^ im so glad your back! =) please stay! thank you
for the DIY !

sharla johnson says:


YuJelLyBro says:

hey .. heyy .. that cookie monster thing wasnt funny D: !

Daniel Calderon says:

Does it go bad? Can I add a couple drops of tee tree oil? And instead of
plain water can I add rose water?

Lexi Orozco says:

Someone please reply . I don’t have acne but would it be bad if I used it
just to make my skin soft?

katrina pierce says:

can someone please tell me if you can put this on your face at night after
you have put a moisterizer on?

pinkmercy123456789 says:

@OneMoreIce sleep with it, then wash it off in the morning

angel says:

you’re welcome 🙂 I know because it broke me out too, and a dermatologist
told me about the sun and acid reaction.

BostonBulldoggies says:

oh my goodness, i am usually O.K with bad smells but this definately makes
my eyes water! I know my skin will never be as smooth looking as yours as
my face is full of freckles.! but i have tried EVERY thing else out there
for my face so THANK you so much for this. 🙂

AquaCatClaws says:

I used to use this ( now I have a prescription) and it works awesome
definitely give it a go

Bridget Thiessen says:

I recommend using green tea instead of water. =] I also like to add a few
drops of lemon juice. ^.^

chloe joe says:

Can I use normal cider vinegar instead of apple? I dont have acne, I just
wanna even out my skin tone

Lauramae Ann dela Rosa says:

i swear i just tried this for the first time like 3 minutes ago… i can
usually tolerate the smell of vinegar… i mean its vinegar i swear it cant
get worse than that.. this apple cider is worse… its smells really
bad…. lol… i hope this works for me!

Jen san says:

the apple cider vinegar smells like asshole :

funkynaz1 says:

Thank you!

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