How I cured my itchy scalp naturally l Apple Cider Vinegar rinse for dreadlocks, locs, dreads

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[WATCH IN HD] This process cured my itchy scalp after one use. Read below for more info on the benefits of ACV. Links to my other loc videos below:
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What Kind of ACV to Buy:

Choose raw, organic, unfiltered, and unpasteurized kind of ACV. Buy a good quality kind of ACV that contains the “mother” of vinegar, which is the cloudy stuff that sinks to the bottom of the bottle. This substance contains the beneficial enzymes, bacteria, pectin and trace minerals that makes ACV so good for you. It’s also a good idea to shake the bottle each time before using ACV to distribute the elements.

Benefits of ACV:

ACV has antibacterial and antifungal properties that help treat itchy, dry scalp. ACV can treat clogged hair follicles due to bacterial infection that creates crusty flakes on the scalp (which can result in hair loss). ACV stimulates better circulation to the hair follicles, which strengthens the hair roots and promotes a healthy hair growth.

There are many commercial hair-care products that have a negative effect on the hair, leaving it dry and brittle. Our hair has an ideal pH of 4 to 5. The acidity of the ACV rinse means that it can help maintain the pH balance of your hair and remove buildup at the same time without stripping the hair of its natural oils.
As a result, light is reflected off the hair, making it smoother, softer and shinier. This also enables the hair maintain more moisture and helping prevent split ends.


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Ken Ball says:

Wow, my itching iz in the same spotz of my scalp that she mentioned. thnk u.

Vegasgurl#1 says:

my scalp is the same way around the perimeter UGH the itchy and scratchy show lol thanks for the video

Johannah Gayle says:

Peace an Blessins Sis .. The itchin mite be b,cos yr hair is growin …. It used to happen to me My hair was healthy I had NO issue with my hair an it kept on itchin … An that,s the only thing I cld think of

Happy Hair Journey

Hope Wiley says:

ok I just came over from long hair care forum and this girl was saying using 1-2 tablespoons in 2 cups of water over time caused her hair to become mushy and then eventually just disintegrate. Another user said she uses 1 tablespoon per 8 cups of water (and distilled water at that) as her final rinse and has done so since 2004 with no problems. While the appropriate mixture can balance your hair's pH and seal the cuticle layer, if your dilution is too acidic, it can break down the protein in your hair and cause dryness, brittleness, and breakage. I know this video is about the scalp and I went ahead and used bout 2 tbsp in 2 cups of filtered water cuz my scalp was itching me something fierce but after reading that comment, I went and rinsed some more. My scalp does feel much better than before but I'm definitely gonna dilute the acv much more in the future just to make sure I don't run into any issues in the future.

Butterfly Queen says:

I gonna try with regular vinegar

EbonySweetness Sweetness says:

Hi I just watched your video it was really informative – Thanks for sharing

heynowhey says:

So after I apply it can I sit under a dryer? Will that work better

James Spikes says:

How fast is the itching relieved?

Brandi Jackson Wellness says:

I love this as a pre treatment before washing my hair. 🙂

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