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So I cleared my acne with apple cider vinegar and I want to share my story with you!

Cetaphil Face Cleanser:
Cetaphil Face Moisturizer:
Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar:
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KA arts says:

will it work for forehead acne??

SCOTTRA8 says:

you are a pretty young lady.

tipani tipani says:

after putting apple cider, can i put my acne medication? thanks☺

BaeKON says:

can i apply my night cream after the acv toner?

xSmelter250x says:

You look like Riff Raff.. Nice video!

Nancy Garduno says:

Thank you so much!! Super excited to give this a try! Glad it's worked for you 🙂

Nurse at Night says:

So happy to see people dealing with acne in a natural way!! You look great! I treated mine with hemp oil 🙂

rabssn rab says:

you are so beautiful!

mysterious rain says:

is it okay to just use it every night since i put make up in the morning?

Cherrybelle Love says:

Hi thank you for your video. I wonder if you clean up your face with fresh water after applying apple cider? Thanks.

LemonDrop says:

I don't have acne but my doctor did say to drink apple cider vinegar to bring down probability of diabetes. I'm still going to use it as a toner because it's something I always have around the house.

You said, 2 tablespoons of apple vinegar in a cup of water in the morning to drink. And as a toner, 50% water and 50% apple vinegar in a spray bottle and spray on face or jar and cotton balls. cool ty.

Susan Ramirez says:

so I put it on and then put lotion

Darleen Marike says:

wow,good for you girl.

Darleen Marike says:

wow,good for you girl.

veronicaa.paigee says:

Hi, so I started using ACV on my face a couple nights ago and I've still been doing research on it. Some people say you need to use the unfiltered kind, but I've been using the "ultrafiltered" Heinz brand. Will this make a difference? Thanks so much!

Monica Bakarre says:

pls.can some one tell me where can I purchased the Apple cider veneger

Monica Bakarre says:

where can I bought it

Unpopular Views says:

You can get Apple cider vinegar on thrive market for less than $3

Rolando Cedano says:

You're a brave girl. Good job Grace. I would get back acne and drinking it after every meal has basically eliminated it. Everyday all day.

pinksankofa says:

I love Apple cider vinegar. I just uploaded a morning skincare routine for flawless skin on my channel please take a look.

Fren Frenel says:

does apple cider remove my acne scars too?

Tayte Fraser says:

helped me so much!! I want to start using ACV. im tired of topical treatments and AHA acids ect. it doesnt work for my skin
So glad you're there to watch so I had a some confirmation
thank you!!

Lola Lou says:

This is such a good video I have done this for ages now and never thought anyone else did it , it definitely works for some spots , I love how you are true you aren't afraid to show the real you ! I want to make videos like this but I'm afraid I'll get hate , I really like vlogging but the last time I done vlogging but I got hate anyways love this video !! ?

Lana Fawn says:

also quit dairy!! it really helps

Cristina Valle says:

Hi! How long it takes to clear the acne?

Vanadium says:

So are you using the topical cream along with this?

TheFancy Mancy says:

i kow its been very long since you uploaded this vid and your skin might have been better but personally for me i love to use the aztec secret indian healing mask w the bragg's apple cider vinegar, it lessened doen my whiteheads and flattened out all my breakouts

Stephanie Hernandez says:

It worked !!!!

Jessie Hernandez says:

I Used The Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar And Saw 0 Results Sadly The Acv Did Not Work For me ?So I Started Using African Black Soap And OMG ?It's Only Been 5 Days ..5DAYS AND I ALREADY SEE RESULTS I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU GUYS WHO STRUGGLE WITH ACNE TO GIVE IT A TRY ?

Joe T says:

do you still drink the ACV? also, do you apply the toner only directly to the breakouts or the whole face? thanks in advance!

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