How Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar Every Night At Bedtime Changes Your Life!

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How Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar Every Night At Bedtime Changes Your Life

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Mary Aldaco says:

Reflex?? Have it BAD!! WILL TRY IT!!

Rena Pereira says:

Thanks Profet Joshva. It's awesome
Mircales .pl.pray for me my birthday today.

Kenny Trice says:

This video is full of miss information…… apple cider vinegar is Pierce an alkaloid

James Bond says:

Acidic life's breeds cancer don't do this shir

Larry Bahr says:

This bitch is irritating to listen to.

pantslizard says:

if you take too much (based on body weight) it also acts as a Powerful Laxative…fun fun fun!

Lyne Westbrook says:

Thanks for sharing the video, stay in touch

Cosmic Othniel says:

So let me understand this correctly… Decomposing foods like vinegars, yogurts cottage cheese (sour milk) , pickled foods are better the fresh fruits and vegetables.
Healthy animals don't drink milk after being weaned and don't eat decomposing foods like vinegars except scavengers… So why do we ?

John Barber says:

The efforts of a weak mind to express itself. ACV has been known as a house hold disinfectant for years. It has many very good uses without damaging side effects. Ever wonder why so many people are coming down with Cancer, open your eyes and ears, because we are being poision for profit. Live longer and Social Secrutiny has to pay more money out, $50,000 per person for Kemo, with annual rate of 500,000 being told they have cancer, the drug companies have never had so good.

Gang Of Four says:

ROBO VOICE Fuck you I am outta here.

camshaft33 says:

the fuh is with these people making videos using a robotic voice? Speak on the damn video if you really support what you're saying

Senior Manager says:

meh…idk abt this method

Sky High says:

Yeah, keep doing this and you can ruin the enamel on your teeth, cause damage to your esophagitis. The human body is self-regulating. You do not need to drink vinegar to improve your life. Get off sugar, starchy foods, fast foods, exercise, and anything that has a label that says diet or healthy snack. Stay hydrated, that is the most important thing you can do. If your urine is the color of vinegar you are dehydrated, it needs to be the color of weak lemon aid. Vinegar is and acid, so these so called self-cures are all nothing but crap.

Ryan Faith says:

Can pregnant woman take it or woman looking for baby

Food And Health says:

Thank for share

Sophia Duarte says:

Thank you for your Tip,s👍💓😎😁🙌🎢🎨💕😊👏😉✌📖✝💪💓

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