Homemade Fruit Fly Trap

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Using apple cider vinegar and soap, this fruit fly trap is super easy and effective. A must in a traditional kitchen full of fermenting foods! Print instructions are here: http://gnowfglins.com/2011/06/21/free-video-homemade-fruit-fly-trap/


Te-Erika Patterson says:

Get rid of fruit flies!

lushstrands says:

Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!! This is definitely the easiest method I

Patricia Gray says:

Death to all the gnats! 

Mingyang Li says:

cannot wait to kill these flies!get annoyed so much these days. thanks a

Amanda Hugginkisses says:


His Footprints OnWater says:

Thank you.. I’ll be putting some by my bananas. Take care God bless

TheSmashedPumpkin says:

I do the same thing with normal vinegar and washing up liquid, after about
a day there are hundreds! (in my case midges, not flies)

lionssong2525 says:

Hand soap or dish washing liquid? Or will any kind of soap do?

Michael Smith says:

Freedom of expression also doesn’t include what your opinion of freedom of
expression is.

Gabriel85Parfe says:

I didn’t get rid of fruit flies sucessfully, any other way for this?

sanako4ever says:

thank you very much I just made it (except I used a fruity moscato wine
because I didn’t have apple vinegar. I hope it works just as well!! I’m so
nervous!! But ready to be rid of these buggers!

Darren Guth says:

get to the point!!!!

Vivian T says:

I feel like if I watch this in front of the fruit flies, they’ll like,
attack me at night…

iTRYER says:

I will definitely try this with soap. I use the coke bottle method (cutting
the top off and tape it upside down) works only half the time though=Z

LT Cartwright says:

Thank you for the tip on midges!!

drathjon says:

I just set it out and all the fruit flies are just sitting outside. None of
them are going in the liquid? Did I put to much soup or does it just take a
really long time for the flies to commit suicide??? PLEASE HELP!

L Mortis says:

@boboelmo 😀

LordRelvenous says:

Thanks so much! This worked perfectly for me. I didn’t have any apple cider
vinegar, but I replaced it with hard apple cider, and it was still an
immediately effective remedy. The first night I had already killed most of
the flies, and all were dead by the end of the week (the last few smart
ones took a while to give in).

Alex Morrison says:

yep, works a treat ! thankyou

bevon17 says:

wtf is the kombucha

envoy3 says:

I was putting water on top of the vinnegar and getting the same results.
Not sure if water does anything, someone told me it’s what traps the fruit
flys. They’ll try and dive in to get the vinnegar and drown.

sarahsbridgesathome says:

I suppose malt vinegar would do in a pinch too, it’s pretty potent and it
reminds me of the fish n chips on Fishermans Wharf , Victoria, BC Canada !

Chris Alexander says:

Yes there is another method which I have used successfully. Use straight
red wine vinegar and cover container with a plastic wrap such as saran wrap
and poke several holes in it. Flies get in and can get out.

TheSmashedPumpkin says:

you’re welcome!

DragonFA1L says:

Tehe this works lol 😛 XD

JnSavedByTheBell says:

@__gnowfglins__ Your trap is simple and efficient, a excellent tip to share
with others. You are allowed to delete inappropriate comments as the
administrator, Would you be so kind and remove the trolling comments that
smear your video. Freedom of expression does not include insulting others.
Once I’m done with bedbug traps, I think I’ll make a trap for trolls.

William Mclaughlin says:

thanks i love you …. I hate fly’s sometimes , mofos thinking they all
that .

ethanms8 says:


elsoung says:

Apple cider vinegar and/or soap doesn’t work. Just a banana w/ skin and
that’ll do the job.

soboboo says:

As a vermicomposter I’ve got a LOT of fruit flies (very irritating). I’ve
tried a slight variation of this before (which I also found on YouTube)
with no luck. The variation did not use any soap, and included
Saran-wrapping the top of the cup and poking numerous pin-sized holes on
top for them to get in but have trouble getting out. Sadly this did not
catch even 1 fruit fly. I just tried your method twenty minutes ago and I
see I’ve already caught one! 🙂

cowbell67676 says:

Works!! I caught 50 flys in just 24 hours!

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