Homemade Fly Trap.

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We are being over run with flies and mosquitoes, so I made some fly traps and thought I would share how I did it with you.

All you need is :
1 milk jug (rinsed out)
1/2 sugar
1 cup apple cider vinegar
1 banana peel


Alfie Knowkes says:

Thanks for going ahead to show that. I see the flies went ahead and fell
in. I’m going to go ahead and make one I think. Thanks again. Go ahead
and do more videos like this, please.

MMODoubter says:

I think you are probably catching MALE mosquitoes mostly, not the females
(which are the ones which drink blood). It will help – eventually, but not
as much as it seems.

Progamez4u says:

you can just use lemonade or cola


juancho mata la mosca

Eddy Sanatella says:


David Tyler says:

I think she just made moonSHine.

Bruce Kersman says:

SUPER!!! I always manage to get a few flys and fruit flies about my
kitchen ; thanks, I’ll try it and get back to you!! Will this also work
with fruit flies?? Please let me know…. Thanks..

BlackTexasDawg says:

Mine didnt work I even threw I dog turd in there and nothing! I’ve been

Harley Rider says:

I tried this exactly as directed. It’s been hanging for over a week now.
Flies are everywhere except in the trap. Not one single fly in it yet. Not
impressed at all.

gerri mohler says:

I tried this….it too a few day, but now I see flys in it!! Thank you!
How often do you change it?

Deb Capadona says:

today I’ll be trying a few different fly traps…I’ll update you in a week
to let you know how it works…. the video is great btw…thanks for the
instructions 🙂 

Lord Saints says:

is that for house flys to. 

charyche1 says:

would i work withour the apple cider vinegar? is there anything else you
can use to replace that?

Shelly Golden says:

Would it work without the banana peel?

Ralisk86 says:

Just made one, left it outside to test. I have a lot of potted plants and I
am always seeing all sorts of flies. Hoping this works, they get in my
house all the time when i let the dog out and it drives me nuts!

Joycelyn Sonnier says:

why is vinegar used??????? Is it for smell ?

Ivonne Kessler says:

So I have a large chicken coop (2 200 square ft. Sections). I have had one
milk jug out for a few weeks and have caught maybe a handful of ants and
fruit flies. However, when I look up, the whole ceiling is covered in flies.
I desperately need something to control the fly population, can someone
please help me? 

whisperingsage says:

This for fruit flies then.

The Duke says:

what keeps the flies from flying straight out of the top??? You know how
Arkansas girls keep the flies off their watermelon? They eat it with their
legs open….

Balta Rodriguez says:

What if it just attracts more flies? Do I just it a distance away from the

rob long says:

I wonder if you can use regular white vinegar?????

connory charles says:

I used a 7 up bottle

Drew April Wasserburger says:

Try adding fish guts or something like it to help draw them in

Pear G says:

This is a great tip! Also very well presented! Thank you!

Michael Rivers says:

Flies are landing on my computer screen as I watch this video! I’m not

JoLuffiroSauce says:

GAWD summer is coming! I’m mstarting to see them EVERYWHERE! I will
definitely give this a shot! looks GREAT!

gerri mohler says:

Thanks! The trap was FULL!

Roy Cooper says:

shake that boogy.

ufewl ufewlx says:

Funny, earlier today I had a little plastic beaker on the table, which I
was using to hold milk, it was essentially empty apart from a bit of milk
residue, anyhow I could see a fly had landed on the inside of it, I could
see it moving as it is semi transparent, so I could like see it’s shadow,
anyhow I picked up an old envelope and slid it over the top capturing the
That kind of surprised me as flies are pretty quick off the mark usually,
but I think the trick was I could see him but he could not see out, plus
the flying space is restricted.
So I may try that in future for flies in the house, ie leave a few milk
stained plastic beakers about. That fly have been annoying me for several
days and how the house if fly free (I hope). I took it outside and release
him, hence no guilt :O)

charles e martin jr says:

Omg that’s a great video. Thank You very much

luvtoeatit2000 says:

I’d like to eat her penis fly trap

ufewl ufewlx says:

I sometime add some urine to a watering can for watering the garden, if I
leave it out it seems to get loads of dead flies in it.

ufewl ufewlx says:

can you eat the flies?

Karin w says:

We have goats sheep chickens and turkeys and last summer I made these and
boy they really worked on the fly’s! I didn’t think they would work as
well as they did. lol Thank you

Roflcopter02x says:

must it hang in the shade ? is it bad when it hangs in the sun ? :P

Triple Star says:

Yes the fly trap will work on the ground. When the trap starts to ferment
the flies will start heading to the trap. And due to the contents that you
put in the trap once the fly lands on the liquid it will sink and not be
able to fly out. :^)

michelle from down under in bundy says:

hi i made fry traps and put vegemite and yeast in my even have them in the

DixieGirl9876 says:

This sounds great! Now that yours have been up a while,have you found any
honey bees in it? We have bees and I’m leary of trying alot of pest control

BroccoliBeefed says:

Fay, my experience has been that the flies are generally too stupid to know
how to fly up and out of the bottle, and once they hit the liquid, there is
no escaping their fate of drowning.. Once the liquid evaporates, put the
dead flies into the dirt. Great fertilizer. I do this will all the bugs I
catch with my electric zapper too

Triple Star says:

Your welcome 🙂

mina D says:

Can I use,brown sugar

mdayne says:

I have set the trap out for three days now and I haven’t seem one fly
caught in it. Does it take time before it works?

Lori Brandt says:

how were your results? I am going to make a few. Hopefully it works in the
house too because we do not have air conditioning or window screens, so fly
equally bad in and out. Same as mosquito .

Robyn Walker says:

Triple Star, are the flies/bugs able to get back out or are they
incapacitated one they hit the liquid? Everything I hear says cover and
poke holes so they get in and not back out…

Triple Star says:

Glad you found something that works for you :^)

Triple Star says:

I hope so too! 🙂

Triple Star says:

If you see how flies are always around garbage and rotten food, this kind
of works the same way. I store(in a zip lock bag) my banana peelings in the
fridge for a good long time to get them at the nice slimy stage 🙂

Triple Star says:

So far no.. there has been no honey bees caught in the traps that I can
see. Lots of black flies and mosquitoes so I’m happy 🙂

prepperchickie says:

very cool thx for sharing

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