Homemade Apple Cider Vinegar (plus fruit fly trap)

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How I started my homemade vinegar…step one… plus a tip on how to get rid of fruit flies.


John Daye says:

my God, i could die waiting for her to say something.
this is a 12 minute video with 30 seconds of information

Wolf ORseven says:

Thanks for making this video. Are you make the Homemade Apple Cider Vinegar

ES Aumit says:

I dont like…

Ashley Kurtz says:

You have no idea what the process is in which to create vinegar ; you
basically just told us how to make a good fruit fly trap. Read some books
on the process of making alcohol and acetic acid, and then make another
video on the subject.

kmosh2 says:

This video makes no sense WOW!

Mark Desrochers says:

so how did lawrance turn out? Also how long does the fruitfly trap last
before you have to change it out?

coco D says:

You explained this in a very simple way and easy for me and others to
understand. I’m going to try this. Thanks

natalia rojas says:

I’m sorry but this is very very boring….

Fion Chin says:

I don’t understand the whole video..

sy kashani says:

too slow and hairy hand

coco D says:

Thankyou for sharing…. I have something to go by now. :-)

Brandon Ellis says:


fattymoko says:

So where’s the vinegar? Friendly advice. Please make a basic script
instead of rambling. 

CJ Faulkner says:

I use a small cup and mix vinegar and dish washing liquid, equal parts and
they can’t resist.

food jazz says:

Thanks for sharing! I just subscribed to your channel, and I wish your well!

lioness76071 says:

Ita good buh u need ta speak a bih more excitidely 🙂

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