Home Remedies for Kidney Stones

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Using these home remedies you can get rid of Kidney stones. Ingredients like lemon juice, apple cider vinegar etc are very helpful in ejecting the kidney stones from your body.
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Te Rex says:

3:10 Did you say avoid Spinach? Spinach has got Magnesium which will help
in dissolving the stone. 

Hayat Korki says:

Do you have remedey for kidney poisoning?

Gary Mayo says:

add cayenne pepper to the oil lemon mixture. C pepper helps heal any
scratches caused by the stones. 

Mark Bryan says:

I avoid supplements spiecaly vit c and d and have a tea spoon of Apple
cider vinager before meals also I avoid fruit smootheys
And drink water 

coolpow56 says:


veysal7981 says:

its helpfull.. thanks

Top 10 Home Remedies says:

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