Home Made Hair Rinse – Apple Cider Vinegar, Hibiscus & Honey

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Home Made Hair Rinse – Apple Cider Vinegar, Hibiscus & Honey, little bit of a Herbal Hair Oil mix up.


ReviveUK says:

@cheathamk I always rinse mine out…best thing I found is to put it in a
spray bottle. leave on for a few mins and then rinse out

ReviveUK says:

@amastara thank you :O)

ReviveUK says:

Thank u! and ur welcome :0)

ReviveUK says:

@okorolina lovely!

ReviveUK says:

@Calpico852 yes indeed, love that lady!

RosesRRed says:

I love your accent wish I can talk like that

misstrice84 says:

First, your voice is so soothing. What exactly does the hibiscus do for the
hair though?

finom937 says:

Thank u Ms UK I luv your tutorials, they are very helpful

ReviveUK says:

Ur welcome and woo hoo! more hair play!

okorolina says:

lovely.. making this today!

ReviveUK says:

Thank you JB 🙂

kizzaren says:

This is another great video. How did you learn all of this?

urbangold1 says:

Cool video! Thanks for the tip on the muslin cloth!! I’ve been struggling
with decanting my oils, so this really helps : )

ReviveUK says:

Lovely! happy to hear that :0)

debbiedoodiedandi says:

I just discovered your channel and I love it!

cheathamk says:

Do you have to rinse it out at the end with the cold water? Or can you just
leave it in and proceed with the rest of your hair routine?

ReviveUK says:

Ur welcome urban and happy creatin! :0)

dawn carroll says:

Thanks for subbing!

milagros102 says:

Hi hun. Tried this one. my hair ………LOVED ITTTTT. x

Ayurvedahunny says:

Great video as always hun. I love hibiscus, and honey, will try this recipe
this weekend. Muahh for sharing ;O)

nspired08 says:

Love the video. I tried a vinegar rinse two nights ago, but it gave my hair
a dry and rough feeling, so Im guessing it may have been too much
vinegar.(Used 2TB ACV to 2c. water) I would like to try your rinse but what
would u suggest I do first to recover from my dry-fried hair. Any help is
appreciated, as I go through my tril and error lol.

ReviveUK says:

@finom937 you’re welcome, thank you!

amastara says:

lol i love the accent..its cute

ReviveUK says:

Thanks K…I studied aromatherapy first…then carried on self
learning…there’s loads of forums and sites for soap and cosmetics making

misstrice84 says:

Cool, thanks for the info!

ReviveUK says:

@williamperry11 I make the concentrate, store it in the fridge and then use
it 1/3 to 2/3 water when I need it :0)

luvmyhair2 says:

Hi, my hibiscus powder has an expiration date on it–is it still usable
since it is going on my hair? Thanks.

williamperry11 says:

Cool recipe. So do you keep the concentrate in the fridge, and then add the
water before you use the rinse, or do you add the water when you’re done
making the rinse, and put it all in the fridge?

ReviveUK says:

Aww thanks Tamonibe! bless ya

ReviveUK says:

Thanks! hibiscus is for shine and softness

Denise Alamo says:

You are awesome. Thank you so much for sharing this valuable info.

ReviveUK says:

OK, know the Hibiscus and/or the Honey may balance out the drying effects
of the vinegar…and yes it is a case of trial and error,I lurrrve that!
experimenting…and hun, only you know ur hair well and what ur hair likes
for moisture..mine responds best to water, glycerine, coconut oil, shea and
pre poos with oil :0)

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