Health benefit of apple cider vinegar | Benefit of apple cider vinegar

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Health benefit of apple cider vinegar | Benefit of apple cider vinegar

Vinegar, the acidic liquid produced by the fermentation process of all manner of fruits, vegetables and grains, is one of the oldest and most useful remedies in the world. Of the many forms of vinegar available today, apple cider vinegar (ACV) is widely recognized as the most potent and beneficial of them all. Unfiltered organic apple cider vinegar is packed with raw enzymes and good bacteria which promote healthy digestion and improve a number of bodily functions. While the acidic property of vinegar can make it somewhat detrimental in too large of quantity, there are many benefits to drinking a modest amount of ACV throughout your day.

1. Increase Oxygenation
The acid in apple cider vinegar also helps to release iron from the food you eat. More iron in the blood stream means better oxygen supply throughout the body, improving skin health and cell regeneration, among other things.

2. Promote Healthy Hair
Use a rinse of apple cider vinegar in water to balance oil production of the scalp. As a natural cleanser, ACV not only removes dead skin and environmental contaminants. Apple cider vinegar can help to prevent or eliminate dandruff and other skin ailments due to its natural anti-microbial properties. When used regularly, apple cider vinegar also adds shine to lack-luster hair.

3. Cure for Hiccups
As we all know, a hiccup remedy that works for one person may do absolutely nothing for the next guy. Assuming that you haven’t already tried it (and added it to the list of things that didn’t work) try swallow one or two tablespoons of undiluted apple cider vinegar the next time you come down with those annoying diaphragm spasms.

4. Normalize Blood-glucose Levels
While this effect is still being studied, drinking two tablespoons of diluted apple cider vinegar before bed can help to normalize blood-glucose levels – up to a 6% decrease the next morning.

5. Cholesterol and High Blood Pressure
While there have been no documented scientific studies with humans, apple cider vinegar has been shown to reduce cholesterol and high blood pressure when administered to rodents. Because ACV in moderate doses has no negative side-effects, try consuming one or two tablespoons at intervals throughout the day to help maintain healthy cholesterol and circulation.

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