Hair Extensions | How to make synthetic hair look real $10 hair!

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Hair extensions: How I make my synthetic hair look real. Yes, this hair is only $10.99! I decided for the new year I wanted to go long (have longer hair extensions) while I grew out my short cut and natural hair. I have always used apple cider vinegar on my natural hair and did my research to discover that you can use it on weave as well. When you use the apple cider vinegar on your synthetic hair extensions it helps clean and get rid of the extra shine. Reducing the plastic like shine in synthetic hair extensions helps you to blend your real hair with the fake hair / hair extensions. I already have issues with blending straight hair extensions with my natural hair texture, so reducing the shine is step one. I will have another video on how I straighten my natural and transitioning hair leave out to match the straight hair texture of my synthetic hair extensions. Hair brand is Zury fiber blend. Thanks so much for watching!

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yvonne sims says:

you are losing me just go ahead and get started please

Daniela Sofia says:

Hi thanks for this video. I have a question, in the beginning did you put cold or warm water?

Kamill ianne says:

I like your music..thanku

Rose GOLD says:

the slow subtitles at the end are annoying. do better

Kree_Ation says:

do you have to allow it to air dry? could you dry it with a low temp on a hair dryer?

The Unbreakable Beauty says:

can i just say i love u!!!! thank u so much im going to go get some apple cider vinegar right now….like really now now

Ma . Sophia Florenz Dinsay says:

Does it also work for curly hair extensions? I mean, does the curly extensions regain their original curls even after getting wet?

Daisy Cullen says:

Can I use a Clarifying Shampoo to clean the synthetic hair instead of Apple cider vinegar??

Beauty Smarts says:


TheFrey96 says:

you said "you guys know I'm transitioning"? What did you mean by that? Cause you sound extremely feminine.

Utube Channel says:

OMG!!! you talk sooooooooooooooo slooooooowlyyyy! However, the information is good but speak faster please.

T Simpson says:

can this be done on curly synthetic hair.

RAB BIT says:

Hola..just wondering can you use that method on remy..or brizillian. to dull the shine

Kwestionmarks Handmade Dolls says:

Awesome. Thanks

NaturallyLuvely says:

Very calming spa like music.?Tfs?

Avalon Dinunzio says:

Natural? Silky and shiny hair is natural.

lillian mokhondo says:

Hi Shay
I like your video where did you buy your hair/

tamika guice says:

this is the most depressing video I've seen all week

T Lajoy says:

Thanks for providing tips on removing the shine, have found that the cheaper wigs tend to have a more realistic look i.e. because they are cheap they are not so thick, but the downfall is that they are too shiny as for the more expensive wigs or real hair wigs the texture and shine provide a better match to your own hair except they are usually too thick so both types look too wiggy. I always felt that if I could eliminate that shine I could make an inexpensive wig look better and more real than an overly thick real hair wig product. I will be testing this on an old wig, if it works I will have a whole new inexpensive hair wardrobe. Thanks Shay.

LaLas World says:

I think I will try this =)

Fatima Colcheita says:

Is it weird that I find this video so satisfying and relaxing?

Dante Velasquez says:

conditioning synthetic hair isn't necessary as it is plastic and will not absorb moisture. all that is needed is to rinse off the vinegar, let it air dry and then spray it down with some water with a little bit of conditioner mixed in the give it slip and minimize tangles 🙂

Shermta F says:

Hey, my name is Shermta, I'm 16. I love your videos and I was wondering if we can do a collaborate ( I live in Melbourne Victoria Australia)

Devin Barber says:

Can I use white rice vinegar?

Michelle S says:

I wish I could have seen the hair before it went on your head.

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