Green Kelly tries an Apple Cider Vinegar hair rinse

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Green Kelly dives in “head first” into Raw Beauty (her upcoming workshop)
by giving up shampoo and tries chia seeds and apple cider vinegar
Week #1


onegreengirl says:

try looking up online: bienetrespa web page, under “Your skins pH Acid
Mantle” 😀

arnes3 says:


aquababy77 says:

You are too cute love ya keep being you

Vinod Tripathi says:

cute sexi arms…put some hair tutorials

Anjana Devi says:

Can ACV be used on scalp? I thought it must be used on the ends like how
you would use a conditioner. I’m gonna use baking soda as shampoo. After
that must i pour ACV mixture all over my hair or just on the ends?

onegreengirl says:

i started cleaning my hair with aluminum free BAKING SODA… check that
mini movie out! it worked great, but never as great as that 1st time >_< so now im trying to wait out the hair detox period (4-6 weeks) cuz im all GREEZY! well, just my hair really 😉 i will be doing a mini movie summing up the RAW BEAUTY edition....for now! thanks for writing 🙂 GK

onegreengirl says:

@BeauHappiHealz hey Beau, yes, AVC is good for the scalp, and entire skin,
all over the body. the inside of our body requires more alkaline, but the
outside prefers more acidic. it helps ward off unwanted microbes. have fun
in the tub! remember: do not over do it on the baking soda as it is drying,
once a week may be enough, maybe 2. 😀 thanks for watching!

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