Getting Rid Of My Acne Using Apple Cider Vinegar

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Hi everyone! This has been a HIGHLY requested video since I had uploaded the last one (around this time last year) – and I received so many questions about my acne and how my skin looks now.

I really do recommend using Apple Cider Vinegar – as it’s literally the one thing that has helped to get rid of my acne (the I’d been dealing with for over 10 years) and keep away any breakouts!

Also – I had to speak slower in this video because people were saying that I was talking too fast 🙁

So I thought I’d do a follow up video answering some of your questions AND showing you guys how my skin looks at the moment. I’ve added in photos of how my skin used to look – along with how my skin looks now!

I hope you guys enjoy this video and please like, subscribe and feel free to share if you think this will help someone else! xx

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Janine Santos says:

i will use also ACV i want to know is how many water i put at acv for acne prblem?

Mariana says:

Is it normal to have an initial breakout from acv, I've been using it for one week and I started to clear up but then I broke out a little bit, should I keep using it???? ????

Lola Islamova says:

I've been using acv for a week so far and to be honest my skin is breaking out more than ever and feels very itchy? is it supposed to be like that?

bookish brew says:

how long does it take for you to lose most of the acne marks & scars?

John Thompson says:

Its still astonish me just how many people
have no clue about Fopobiacne Secrets (look on google search engine)
although lots of people cure their acne naturally with it. Thanks to my
pal who told me about this. I have clear my acne naturally.

Bongbong Sonora says:

How many days does your pimples cured by ACV?

jairo danga says:

How long did you use it to see the result


will ACV helps to remove acne scars which r big n deep hole like ……plz reply karna

Missy Gin says:

ACV is good to acne I use this for 2 weeks may acne and dark spot almost gone..I'm so happy and I don't wash may face it's great ?? just wait to result guys 3 a day I mix water,acv and fresh alo vera,olive oil

Mr. Wolfie says:

Can you give us a demonstration of how you put it on your face and the exact measurements?

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