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Hey Mochi Mob! ♡

Products Mentioned //

Dr. Bronners Baby Soap
First Aid Beauty Pure Skin Gentle Face Cleanser
Apple Cider Vinegar
Pure Coconut Oil
Tea Tree Oil

|| L E T S C O N N E C T A R O U N D T H E W O R L D ||


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you are so beautiful, so worth it and so amazing. don’t forget that 🙂

♡ Kayla Mochi

(this video features my acne story and how i got rid of my acne forever. I share several acne products that are natural and organic. I also speak about my pimples, cystic acne, white heads, black heads, etc and how to have a beautiful, smooth skin, flawless, pimple-free face)


mary sigmon says:

Loved this video and love you!!! Subscribed !

Tasya Yasmeen says:

thank you ?

Marium Ali says:

3:35 for tips

I'm Done says:

Honestly I'd lose 2 inches of my dick to have no acne forever

it's xzxzx says:

You have to remember that sometimes it's just puberty that causes acne, everyone has it. So just relax, it's going to go away

George Georgiou says:

1) Is exfoliating the same thing as face scrub? If i use a face mask say once a week then is the exfoliating necessary? If so, at what stage of the skincare regime do you exfoliate? Would it be after the toner stage?

2) Tea tree oil – assuming it is 100% tea tree oil, shouldn't this be diluted before applying directly to your face?

M. Di Giorgio says:

i knew all this but now im really committed cos it worked for u,thank u for the wake up call ! greets from germany

Gina S says:

my friend is lactose intolerant and she has bad acne sooooooooo

jess john says:

Would it be alright to use coconut oil if your skin is already really oily.

Ximena Mata says:


Taje Harris says:

I mostly agree with not having dairy in your diet !! i tell people and rant about it ALL THE TIME. Any of doctor Bronners Castor oil soap works wonders my skin feels tighter and acv just keep it simple when you have sensitive skin, i really do need to exfoliate weekly! Im with you 100%

Emmanuella Onwubuya says:

You have beautiful skin ! I love your glasses, where did you get them from?

Pamela Young says:

my skin keep getting bumps. I need your help?

Richa Gupta says:

this is my first time when m watching you…. love that. .???

xoxsaraxox says:

why amn i watching this when i never had acne before i onIy get a pimpIe when its near my period Imao

Cici H says:

you are insanely pretty

Xristin Met says:

but teenagers need mild duh!

salome AB says:

I think it depends on the individual's body. I had acne on my forehead for a long time until I stopped eating fruit. Obviously it was giving me allergies and also it made me puff up. I lost a lot of weight after I stopped eating fruit, and no I was not eating a lot of it , just 2 apples and whatever the fruit was in season :max 2 servings. It was swelling me up a very obvious allergic reaction that I paid no attention to because I thought it was just that period where you stop losing weight for a while but you stick to it till the end. Anyhow that was me. If you want to know exactly the reasons You all should take the genetic test to see what you are allergic to, what food groups are good or bad for you .

Aulia Yasmine (Lia) says:

I love the way you talk ?. Thx for the tips

Nooha N says:

I came here for acne tips but ended up loving your personality :') Youre so funny x'D <3

Si Tong Chua says:

i just wanna say that this video cheered me up knowing that others have acne and i love your cheerful attitude x subscribed

Hillary Loria says:

How can I look for "tea tree oil" in a country where people talk Spanish? ??

killa kay says:

Wish I had that smile. ? Teeth are beautiful. ?

Julie's weird vlogs Lol says:

I love love love this video and this helps so much. Thank you for your advise, it helped so much with my acne.

Hannah Brown says:

You sound just like me, I'm so glad I wasn't the only one

spankymonsterr says:

African Black Soap is the cheapest and best product for your face and it is vegan and organic and natural etc. It is very powerful though so be gentle with it dont use face brushes just use your hands or a wash cloth with african black soap. It can dry out your skin so you must moisterize. if you have sensitive skin you may need to dilute it with olive oil. you can buy a bar of it online ebay for like $4

Renee D says:

Omg your video legit made me cry just you expressing your understanding for my situation with acne it truly gives me hope in clearing my skin n to keep trying.Thankyou for building my confidence back up

Blue Boobs says:

I prefer having acne and pizza rather than no acne and no pizza… like duhh, pizza is life

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