Get rid of dry, crusty feet with Apple Cider Vinegar!

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Are your feet ready for sandal season? I have neglected my my feet since going to get a pedicure for my birthday (NOV)and picking up a foot fungus from the nail salon! So my feet were so dry and after scratching bae in bed I was like oh no I have to do something about this 😂 . All you need is 2 8oz bottles of apple cider vinegar (any brand) and a pumice stone and foot file and raw shea butter. Super cheap and easy way to get baby soft feet in 20 mins or less. Only downside is the vinegar smell lingers so wash your feet after bathing them in the vinegar

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Annie Kelly says:

You have nice feet to begin with but I'm going to try this with my gross ones tonight. Thanks for the tutorial

genie121 says:

Will try this tonight. You ever go to the pedi shop and you finally get to sink your feet in- only for them to signal to lift one of your feet up for them to start working on it? Like, bitch please! I'm trying to soak here! Lol

TheMabes69 says:

those are some ugly feet omg

Ravey Hart says:

Girl i can barely hear u

Sade Alexander says:

Cannot wait to try this on me and my bf 😊

Grace McCray says:

This literally has changed my life! Thank you!!!!!!!!

Kathy Davis says:

your feet was clean to begin with

Tink Wink says:

Thank you lovely for this very informative and helpful video! Amazing!

Whitnee B. says:

Your sandals are so cutteeeee! Thx for the vid

Pauline Bhalai says:

Thank you! I will definitely try this

D Lish says:

I scrub my heels with the cheese grater every time I'm in the shower. So basically every day lol

noorulhuda abubakar says:

I did it today and it works ! 🙂

It'sDriaWorld says:

I was telling my grandmother about this I'm try this. ASAP

soraninja says:

Omg soooo trying this! Thankyou!

Brenda Rose says:

Can you use white vinegar?

Vicky Smith says:

Did it get rid of the fungus?

Guillermo Mora says:

Do I rinse my feet after soaking my feet in acv?

Valintina Medina says:

So just tried this and me feet are so soft but I have a problem area on the bottom top of my foot the skin catches on my blankets will this help that if I do it often ??

Shamone Stephens says:

😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 you too fine

Holly h says:

Thank you 🌻

Melissa habeck says:

Im so going to try this. It's simple but yet cheap..thank you mrs

Edwin Cancel II says:

I like the outcome and the results.

Andrea Banks says:

Girl thank you this was very helpful.

April Jean says:

best results use organic acv

EmpressNatiLocs says:

Yes maam! I'm doing this.

Natasha Collins says:

well I read most of the comments they all sound mixed up but I'm going to try it and see how it works for me thank you for the video and I will let you know if it work

Ginny R says:

Great video, I'm totally gonna try this. Thanks

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