Get Rid Of Dandruff + Facial Seborrheic Dermatitis With One Simple Thing

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Dandruff and facial dandruff or facial Seborrheic Dermatitis -when it’s around the nose, lips and/or eyebrows- is a very common condition.
There’s plenty of treatments: creams, shampoos, all kinds of expensive and fancy stuff.
But I found one thing, and one thing only that is SO EFFECTIVE at getting rid of this condition like nothing else I’m aware of.
It’s natural, healthy, and IT WORKS.
Find out what it is and how to use it in my video.
Good luck and please let me know how you get on with this.
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PS: ACV (apple cider vinegar) definitely helps keep this nasty stuff down, if you check the comments it has worked so far for EVERYBODY here! But it doesn’t cure it, apparently. Nobody is sure what can.
Here’s one theory: some say, it comes from the inside. So some sort of digestion issue, gluten intolerance whatever, stuff like that. All guesses. IF that were true, then here is an interesting way to – possibly – zap this… ultra powerful enzymes:
They clean up the digestive system and utilize the good nutrients fully.
I’m not saying they will cure it, but if you read the info on that page…well, like I said interesting, VERY interesting. I’d figure it’s worth a try…

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Mikael clarkson says:

does it have to be cider?

gbinct says:

Wouldn't that be incredibly drying to the skin?

Cheryl Ferry says:

I use tea tree oil

Oleksandr Fedyay says:

Hello eaveryone! I want to tell you that i finaly found remedy which helps me! It's called Kremgen. I won't tell that this remedy cures seborrhea (I heard that this shit is not treatable) but after I started to use it I don't have any problem with that any more. I found this Kremgen accidentally. Last year I got chicken pox. So I was looking for the remedy which could take away those pimples and I found Kremgen. I read the manual and I found that it can be used when you have got seborrhea. So this Autumn (The Autumn and spring are periods when I have an exacerbation of seborrhea) seborrhea started to torture me again. I started again to look for remedy which would help. And I remembered that that stuff which I used for chicken pox could be useful. I tried… And It helped me!!! Find that Kremgen and ues it. It helps! So if you don't find it, I can get it and send it to you. if so write to me

adamkomachine haskins says:

great video thank you

の夜Night タラTara says:

I'll try this, if my new moogoo stuff doesn't work. I am honestly sick of trying different shampoo this is like my 3 one already and nothing seems to be helping.

Alex Schwarz says:

use vinegar with honey!!

Kenzie Pahl says:

Is it supposed to sting when you put it on? ? Also how long do I keep it on for? Do I need to wash it off?

Nikala Stuart says:

thank you so much i will try this

Druwski94 says:

OK I'm confused you have it on your face in this video?

LOL says:

I used a dilution of 50% organic ACV and filtered water. I have tried everything from head and shoulders to steroids and they all seemed to make the condition worse :/

surprisingly enough the ACV solution has been working so far. I also rotate with organic coconut oil as well.

Mohd Faisal Khan says:

Its still shock me just how a number of people do not know about Noboremed Secrets (search on google) even though lots of people cure their skin disease safely using it. Thanks to my personal friend who told me about it. I have eliminated my skin problem for good by using healthy ways.

Dolores Carter says:

i have tried everything but i realise more stuff i use the worse condition gets….so what worked for me is around nose definitly effaclar duo plus la roche posay first it will get red but thats how it suppose to be after couple day it will be gone. And before i go to sleep i wash my face with clean and clear blackheads remover 2 in 1 mask….it help acne also and it has salicly acid in ingredients ofc ur skin will react but u just need let it and in the morning there wont be redness or it will be less also if u dont have that i recommend coocnut oil… amazing. hope this helps and good luck 🙂


thanks for this video

monkey face says:

this frustrates me!!! I've used unrefined sea salt and warm water for more than a month and my face seborrheic dermatitis is still there in fact it made it much more red. I've also tried Bragg apple cider for about two weeks and no change at all. so I suggest people out there to go see a Dr.

ThePantruca says:

I would like to see some pictures of a case of Face dandruff…mine is very bad. First I get big red patches on my face. after 1-2 days they go away and what uesed to be Red is now fleaking and totally gross…it has ruined my social life and am depressed all the time….I have tried a lot of stuff and nothing works WTF ???? Help !

sandra cuevas says:

How often do I apply to my face? Twice a day?

smrreevesify says:

Thank you for the advice also you look just like magneto from the new X men movies lol

SuhadSoLegit says:

How do I get rid of the scars on my forhead? Please help!!

ripped hobo says:

I believe the cure is what we eat. I used to get it on both scalp and face. Then I dropped wheat and gluten and now its gone. People have all sorts of reactions to things we eat. Everyone should clean up their food and go vegan.

BestOfEverything says:

so did you had seborheic dermatitis and dandruff? or it's just an advice and you didn't experienced on your own?

Purplechu says:

What do you think of the cocunut oil method?

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