Get Better Pumps From Your Pre-Workout Instantly With This Trick

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Hey what’s up, I’m Thomas DeLauer and I’m a nutrition specialist with Six Pack Shortcuts. Today we’re going to talk about a pre-workout cocktail to help you absorb more nutrients, which will give you more energy and improve the effects of your pre-workout.

0:34 – The components are as follows: Spring water that you trust, and you know isn’t tap water.

0:45 – A little bit of honey – organic, if you can so you can get some instant energy from the fructose.

1:00 – Then we’ve got a little bit of cinnamon which will help you metabolize carbohydrates, which will help the honey be more effective. It’ll also make sure you utilize the carbohydrates so they don’t get stored as fat.

1:16 – If you drink this pre-workout, it makes sure that you’re going to get the carbs where you need them so you have the strength you need in the gym.

1:23 – Then, of course, we need apple cider vinegar. I talk a lot about this stuff, and that’s because it helps regulate your digestive system, get your pH balance inline.

1:38 – We’ve also got some stevia which is optional – you can use this to enhance the taste and get rid of some of the citrusy, bitterness that you’ll taste in the drink.

1:46 – Lastly of course, we’ve got a lime, or you can use a lemon. We’re using citrus because it helps a lot with inflammation. It draws uric acid out of the joints, which can help alleviate joint pain when you’re in the gym. This can happen if you’re young or old – you’re causing stress on the joints when you’re lifting and working out, so it’s important to keep those joints healthy.

2:16 – Now the overall purpose of this drink is to help you absorb more nutrients because at the need of the day if you’re eating 4 oz of protein, but you’re only absorbing 2oz – then you’re wasting those other 2 oz and we all know how hard it can be to get in all the correct amounts of food you need day in and day out.

2:38 – FIrst thing we need to do is take one to two limes or lemons. Try to get one with a thin skin, which will likely have more juice. Use a little juicer to juice the lime/lemon. Lime and lemon are also shown to help boost seratonin levels.

3:36 – Next thing you’ll do is take a splash of apple cider vinegar to regulate pH and stimulate stomach acid. Add about 2 tablespoons.

4:07 – Now the cinammon. You’ll only need about a quarter teaspoon of that.

4:18 – Then add the honey – about a tablespoon – but you can add more if you have a heavy day that requires more energy. Just know that there are about 16 grams of carbs per tablespoon.

4:37 – Now I’m going to add my spring water. I just eyeball it – whatever you need to dilute it and get the right taste. You can put a lid on and stir it or shake it up a bit, and there you go.

4:54 – It takes a little bit of getting used to, and it’s not the most amazing tasting thing in the world, but what it does from a physiological/digestive standpoint makes it completely worthwhile.

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Nate Lintz says:

What a joke

The Gnome: Rise of the popcorn rapist says:

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Shiv Prasad says:

aftr having tht drink can I have amino acids

Zaba 213 says:

How is this compared to leptin shred

WorkoutMotivation says:

The best stuff are homemade, nice video.


Juicing is not better then blending

Sixten Ove says:

Can you take this if you not take pre-workout, so you take this "shake" as the pre-workout?

munir hussain says:

do carbs post workout get stored as fat

agpoe says:

Great stuff! This is my way to get started in the morning:

You need 1 Hibiscus teabag, 1 or 1,5 teaspoons of Honey, half or 1 lime and some Mintleafs.. ah yeah, and hot water of course..

It really helps me to get started, also before a (morning/noon) workout..

v bee says:

thanks man I was taking a pre work out pill but still didn't feel the energy. Also I would eat oatmeal, so your saying just drink this instead

Thepathak1 says:

I take creatine 15 mins before the workout….. so when should i schedule this drink….. so can i take my creatine after having this drink….. please help…. confused abit…..

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