Garcinia Cambogia and Apple Cider Vinegar Diet: Update 3

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nail club says:

I'm drinking acv in the morning pills before lunch acv and pills before dinner girl it help with not being hungry i make my self eat i have lost 6 lbs in 11 days

SteffystefElite says:

she's so cute

Daniel Tavera says:

You should eat a little healthier too, I don't think you will see a lot of changes if you let the pills & the vinegar do all work for you… You won't see any changes if you keep eating that way…

Amy Foster says:

I've been taking my ACV (2 T) from a shot glass!! LOL Ugh, it's tough to take no matter which way!

Aida Rivera says:

mommy mommy mommy she got your attention shes a doll God bless her..bbq bbq mmm mmm mmmm love it.. douces little miss??

Vokie WOG says:

One video you said you drank 8oz. then the other video you said you drank 4oz. of water with the vinegar? How did the 4 oz work for you?

Viviane Sena says:

I am getting frustrated. First week I also lost 4 pounds but second week I didn't lose anything, although I've been on a diet. You gained 1.8 pounds after first week. So, I am not sure if it is so good as it looks like. But let's keep on this!

Charlene Vance says:

your skin is so beautiful.

Billy Dean says:

so cute lol

qtbeddecor says:

Keep up the good work, and don't let that scale get you down. I'm sure you have noticed other benefits from taking the ASV.xoxoxox

Christine Wilcox says:

I've been on this for almost 2weeks and I'm loving the results good luck and your daughter is absolutely adorable

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