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– Single Arm Cable Rear Delt Fly: 4×12

– Single Arm Cable Front Raise: 12 each arm
DB Lateral Raise: 20 reps
DB Single Arm Shoulder Press: 12 each arm

– Cable Rope Front Raise: 4×12
DB Lateral Raise: 4×15-20

– Cable Rear Delt Row: 4×12
DB Rear Delt Fly: 4×12

– BB Behind The Neck Shoulder Press: 3×12

Video edit by:
Jonathan Lim, Lime Light Production
Dallas, Texas
Email: Jlimelightproduction@gmail.com
IG: LimeLightProduction


Theolord Enthusiast says:

All I want to say is that, your videos, bring music and magic to my ears, Have a nice week.

Gillian Dodds says:

I've heard loads of good things about cider vinegar might have to give it a go x

Nicole Ashley says:

can you get Oat fit somewhere in Calgary or do you just bring it home from the states?

Dee Francis says:

Can you get Oat Fit in Calgary? Or did u just bring it back from US?

abusayed emran says:


Julie Jigsaw says:

who DOESN'T like glutes and food tho??

Sergeant Fit says:

First time on your channel. Enjoyed the video and really like the content. I subbed and activated the notification icon. I love S.A.

Hajnalka Kocsis says:

Hello Randi! 🙂

Just an idea about the song… when you speak and you really want this as a "background noise", it shouldn't be louder than you. 🙂 It is difficult to focus. 🙂

(And after a while this song is really annoying, but it is up to you. I will watch it anyway. 😀 With some pauses, but I will watch. 😉 )

Best wishes! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Ladyfit says:

Hope you guys come closer to NY/CT/RI ?

Ruby Jessica Fitness says:

alsooo why do you use egg whites vs cracking an egg for the egg white if you only use 35g haha

Ruby Jessica Fitness says:

you dont do many press moves?

Amanda Jönsson says:

Love your eyebrows girl! 😉

Jess Crome says:

the boss babe's need to come to vancouver Canada! there's a pro show July 7.8.9

mets185 says:

Your files aren't lost! As long as you DO NOT write anything else on the memory card, all of the files are still there! And if you did take more pictures or videos since, not all of the files may be gone. PLEASE try any FREE data recovery software. I like PhotoRec and/or TestDisk((I'm not affiliated) both by CGSecurity for Mac & Windows to retrieve your lost files. Note: It's best to use(and may be required) to use a usb memory card adapter so you can perform the tasks directly on a computer, rather than through a usb cable attached to your camera.
Their website has a written tutorial and CNET has a video & article on how to use PhotoRec. YouTube, of course has numerous videos as well. I hope you try it and it works. And when it does, please pass the word on to your friends as they seem to accidentally delete their files too :(. Lastly, I'm a big fan, keep up the great work!

Courtney Coffer says:

Your sassiness in this video had me dying??

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