Full Day of Eating Keto | How I Stay Active

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Thank you guys so much for being so supportive in the comments, it really means a lot to me! I added some extra stuff in this video I hope you don’t mind. 😉

Salt and Keto-
This is a video from my fav, Dr. Stephen Phinney.

“Keto Flu and Sufficient Intake of Electrolytes”-

Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar-
Web MD

Dr. Axe
20 Benefits/Uses of Apple Cider Vinegar

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Katherine Michelle says:

Omg your coffee looks so delicious and I must try it… but I guess I have to learn to make espresso first. haha And I have also been doing some intuitive eating lately, sometimes its nice to not input my life into my phone! haha Love it!!

Haleyjo says:

Dents in your nails can be a sign of low iron. I know because I just had that on two of my nails and I was very low in iron.

Robert Wadlow says:

Meanwhile, every Vegan around is saying fat causes type 2 diabetes.

Sondra Nielsen says:

Michelle, thanks so much for showing the macros and the meals. Super helpful advice on the salt!

Constance Fredericka says:

Hey Michelle! I love your video! I have been sharing my Buttery Spicy Chili Wings Recipe with other Keto people. Please try my recipe and let me know how u love it. Its 0 carbs but I still count it as 2. I'm gonna try your cocoa coffee  as soon as I finish induction… Looks so yummy!

Christina ce cee says:

Awesome video! ?

owaitress says:

Would probably taste a little better if you didn't add the salt to the drink. Instead put the salt on your tongue and wash it down with a big gulp, this way you're not dealing with the salty taste with each sip.

Marialan says:

Great video and love your lemon tree 🙂

Junebug germanese says:

love your beautiful lemon tree.;) and that palm tree in your yard!!

Donna Smith says:

Looking great Michelle. What is the music at the start of the video?

Tori Scullion says:

gasp..you have a lemon tree!? in your yard?! I don't think I could even grow lemons here in Sconnie…dang! You crack me up gurl….

Diane Clarke says:

Ur coffee and food looks delish but gotta admit I'm pretty fricking jealous of your lemon tree! Freezing my ass up here in Canada. Lol!

ashleyandpat farrell says:

hi Mitchell rock u are inspiring for me I am 9 weeks in on the keto I have already dropped 36 pounds and feel alright I have had keto flu twice.

just me says:

I don't know if I told you …….We're raising ….grass fed cows ( mooo ) , I named one cow her name is Betsy . The cows has at least 30 acres of land to roam around and drink  out of the huge water barrels .

Cathy McSharry says:

I love the way you try things and then adjust. You don't just listen to what someone tells you to do even if it's not working. We do know our own bodies. I like getting advice but we do have to listen to ourselves at the end of the day. "Intuition" Good job Michelle and thank you for all you do.

Sarah Kinnard says:

I love that you have a lemon tree.  How COOL is that!!!

KatahdinKooking Mama says:

That area could be a garden I would not let the grass come up.I would do container gardening and that green scallion you were eating the root will produce new onions if you plant it ,it will grow and you can always have green onions

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