Freeform Locs – Vlog2

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Hi everyone! I’m sharing a little more of my freeform loc journey!

– Why I chose freeform locs
– Freeforms in the workplace
– My family’s reaction
– Wash routine
– length check

Products mentioned:
Braggs organic Apple Cider Vinegar
Trader Joes Tea tree Tingle shampoo
Pure Rosemary oil
Pure Tea tree oil (or Hollywood Beauty brand)

Let me know if you have any questions! Thanks for watching 🙂
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great info.
just Subscribed

MyLocPLUG VeganJourney says:

I love it . Please don't ever get tired of the way you're freeforming your hair . I've seen videos where a female freeform her hair at first then started twisting and maintain them by a certain look Whig started looking like other people locs smdh! So this is encouraging to me to start my freeform locs journey …. Thank you 😃😍 This is reliving .

Johannah Gayle says:

It,s sooo….Beautiful that U have embraced yr natural hair …. I,m 11 yrs Locd nw an I don,t use any shampoo at all … I deep condition with natural oils Coconut Milk an Nettle herb… My hair is ALWAYS clean … Rosemary oil is a GREAT oil it does sooo…much to help hair growth clean an treat yr scalp … I also moisturise regularly with my homepage mixture without water it can dry yr hair … Wotever U do

Happy Hair Journey

CJ Lopez says:

It's not ghetto. I used to do the same thing with the slip!!! lol

Mabel Keyeke says:

Do you dye your hair?

OrganicBeauty says:

Beautiful! how many locs do you have and you said you wear your hair styled at work. Can you do a video on that style.?

Rasta Marleyjunior says:

Your personality is amazing and your hair is dope! ✌🏿️👑

laidbacklocs says:

You seem soo chill and fun, but yeah I like your thick locs

epd0126 says:

i really love your hair and i like ur eyeliner ..most women with locks don't wear makeup or embrace glamour..I love freeform hair but i love me some glamour as well…can u do a glamour video with ur locks please

Amora Lee says:

Your hair is beautifullllllll!

Angeline Abraham says:

Hey queen. Your locs are gorgeous, so luscious. I'm almost 6 months in. Started with coils. I've had some trial and error along my journey (accidentally cut one, lol) but I'm loving it.

WutsoevrThngsRLuvly says:

Hi Brittany! Thank you for sharing your consciousness and your hair.

80Rush says:

I love your locs!

mass712 says:

love ur hair and ur energy, I wish I cud start freeforming but I been growin my hair too long and I dont wanna start over, I did combine them tho, I went from about 150 locs to 62 and people ask if im freeforming but I cant lie, but urs r gorgeous. ..ima subscriber

DarkLadyJade says:

your hair is so nice and thick

AverageOnes88 says:

sexy and natural

TrulyUrulyNappyMe says:

Your hair is beyond beautiful!

onyxspirals says:

Your hair is beautiful!  I love the shape of it.  It's so nice and thick and luscious.

Silver Sun Fairy says:

When I had loose natural hair, people complimented it and then when I got locs, compliments were replaced by weird stares. I even had one person tell me, to my face, that he liked my puff better. And that was after I got traditional salon-manicured medium-thin locs. I started getting a lot of compliments when my locs got longer from all ethnic groups. We definitely live in a long hair-length obsessed society. I cut the traditional locs after a number of years due to thinning. I did the loose natural hair thing for years. That was too much work. So now I have thick freeform locs (I only seperate), very similar to yours. They are above shoulder length. Other than my mom, my daughter, and husband, I haven't gotten any compliments. I expect the same thing might happen with this set of locs as soon as they're long, I'll get complimented. I like thick semi-freeform and freeform locs in every stage not just when they're long. I love yours! You wear them well. Also, some folks like your hair but are just too shy to say anything or don't think to go out of their way to compliment.

Deb Jackson says:

Your hair is gorge! I just started my free forms, it's definitely my favorite method for locing ( I've been thru sister locs and traditional twisted ones they were nice but just team too much to maintain!!) I feel so free🙌🏽🤗. Just subbed.

larry the beast says:

how many locs do you have

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