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Click on SHOW MORE for suppressed & hidden health knowledge?
Distilled Water and Your Health, click link here: — DRINKING DISTILLED WATER will slowly remove positive electrical charged inorganic rock minerals & toxins, etc that slowly accumulate in our body, turning our body & brain into stone. Learn the amassing anti-aging health benefits of drinking clean distilled-waters & much more, it will blow your mind

(Urine Therapy) is your own best medicine cabinet!

You must research the benefits of drinking Distilled Waters/ plant-life juicing/ SELENIUM/ Iodine/ Zinc/ Earthing, organic apple cider vinegar/ borax, boron/ colloidal silver, copper & gold etc… Just Study Natures way!

Andrew Norton Webber and early death from distilled water NOT
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Distilled Water & Health – A Match Made in Heaven
PDF BOOK – Click this link:

As we age the acid in our stomach decreases, we can not assimilate or breakdown the foods we eat or supplements properly. this will cause many health problems & disease symptoms
Research the benefits of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, it’s the acid in this ACV that improves our health, how can our body digest food, etc, if we’re low on stomach acid?

THE CHOICE IS CLEAR by Dr. Allen E. Banik
Read this information about drinking distilled water & such, also the next page of Q’s and A’s, it’s a must read… you will learn health truth hidden from you!
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New York Times: Doctors at Cornell University Report Distilled Water is Safe to Drink and Does Not Leach Minerals
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New study links caffeinated coffee to vision loss. Click on: -Caffeine and Your Eyesight – One adverse side effect of caffeine that many people don’t know about is the effect it can have on your eyesight. New research found in The Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology suggested that people who consume heavy amounts of caffeine put themselves at a higher risk of losing their vision.

Just start out drinking distilled water slowly at first so you don’t detox so fast and then drink nothing but distilled water or you could just drink (Stilled Water?), aka, muddy dirty water.

I talk about chemtrails & how the weather is manipulated with Microwave RF ground-tower transmitters. Also some suppressed health knowledge on how to clean all of this poison in our air/ water/ food/ healthcare products/ vaccinations/ some medicines and hard minerals that build-up in our body that causes early death.

Urine Therapy The fountain of youth.
Full text of “shivambu sastra: urine therapy”
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Urine: Your Own Perfect Medicine
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The Natural Benefits of Urine Therapy
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DodgingSpice says:

look into Wet surface air coolers and nexrad/Doppler radar the other two pieces

DodgingSpice says:

do more research bro , the chemtrails are just one piece of the machine that is our weather.

Karen Ashley says:

That is why I left Detroit. Plus of course the fluoride in the water. Those suckers in the city council get paid to permit the dumping of that shit on the people. We're not supposed to live long enough to figure out the deals they have made to ship precious metals off world to build more spaceships to enslave us.


The water God chooses to pour abundantly upon man is distilled water.
JOB 36:27 – “For he draws up the drops of water, he distills his mist in the rain which the skies pour down, and drop upon man abundantly.”- 24 Doctors With The Courage To Tell The Truth About Distilled Water. Click here:

Also Research urine therapy or uropathy – This is suppressed knowledge they don't want you to know.

Divinity Healing says:

CHEMTARILS CLEARED! With Your Mind – Really! Really! How To & Demonstration

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