Fix Your ATHLETE’S FOOT for good!

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With simple products out of our home, you can now fix that athlete’s foot issue that has been bugging you for a long time.

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Apple Cider Vinegar

Baby Powder

Cotton Socks


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KayKayBaire Svtfoe Videos and More! says:

I never thought I would get it but then I did!

Andrew Batie says:

Excellent product >>>     . i have tinea versicolor and never found anything to help until now. this is my first week and i started seeing results from the second day!

rockangelie5 says:

I'm a lady

Ryan Cismesia says:

Do you only have to do it once?

loren Rogers says:

Why is it only for men? Women get it too. Like me.

Evelyn Lundy says:

Eliminating nail fungus infection is a very tough action to take. My pal`s means of eliminating fungus infection is this remedy called “shocking gowu com” (Google it) and she has been utilizing it for a month. The important start treatment once you notice! Black coloring of the side of her toenail went away fast thanks to this.

Daianna rodriguez says:

I NEED URGENT HELP! so i dont know if i have athlete foot or ringworms.. on my left foot i have tiny red circles between my two middle toes and infront right underneath them.. They looked like blisters for a sec.. and my two toes started to peel off.. i want to get rid of this asap since im a lifeguard! PLEASE HELP ME ASAP

Paula Debose says:

Be sure to Google this toenails fungus treatment solution called “shocking gowu com”. Persistency is all it takes to determine the result. Use it twice daily in morning and evening, for a couple of months, then you`ll see the benefit. My friend has tried another remedy also purchased from store, which didn`t actually get the job done. But this one is effective.

Eric Thomas says:

91% Alcohol in a spray bottle works for me

Key Wizard says:

I use a little hot water and a lot of salt,try it,already proven,sit your feet 30 mins for twice a week,see the result.

Miguel Santiago says:

Thank You so much Brother!!!…and God bless You.

Athlete's Foot Cures says:

Instead off apple cider vinegar you can also use listerine mouthwash, same method applies just swap the apple cider vinegar with listerine!

John Doe says:

next day fret feel amazing! i used regular vinegar though. good video

John Doe says:

just tried this tonight… feet are bone dry and they feel better. see if this actually works ss days go on

Anton Vinoj Costa says:

Hi Thanks for the video. I have athletes foot for 2months now. Can I try this with a blistered dry foot ?

Carlos Garcia IV says:

What kind of Apple cider viniger do you use and how many times a day do I soak.

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