Family Secret! Natural Organic Skin Care Apple Cider Vinegar & Rosewater Facial Tonic

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I am sharing my “family secret” of beauty by showing you how to prep your face with Organic Apple Cider Vinegar and Rosewater. Using this as a facial tonic for beauty which can be used for mature women and their skincare. This tonic is also great for acne prone skin. Restoring the natural pH of your skin.

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najla abdullah says:

your skin looks amazing

Lady Eagle Bird says:

your skin looks great!

Gabriela Luciano says:

Will this fade my acne scars? And if it does how much time it would take?

Nancy C. says:

Hi .. I really enjoyed your video .. but after I mix the Rosewater and cider vinegar ..I would not hesitate to use mix until gone .. neither needs refrigeration .. and are shelf storable ..thanks for info !

Apple of God's eye says:

I've always used sadaf rose water it's cheap and it's what my mom always used to make yummy middle eastern deserts. I pay under $3 per [glass] bottle.

Dee Manfre says:

Wouldn't the vinegar smell on ur face in the morning? Also if it only lasts a week maybe make a lot less in the bottle right?

Dessy Metics! says:

Thank you very much for this, will certainly be doing this. I already use Rosewater and it has worked wonders for my skin, so I think the ACV might just be the extra thing I need to glow my skin. Thanks

iamRolz says:

I currently use just ACV & water. I normally use half half. It works on my skin. Would rose water/glycerin be better instead of water? Or just rose water? I saw another recommendation using the witch hazel w/ aloe vera. Let me know what you think.

Carly says:

Thank you Maria for sharing your natural beauty secret! You do have beautiful skin! My daughter and I will try the facial tonic!

Najela Khaterah says:

Does it remove acne? Thanks anyway! You look fabulous!.???


Thank you and I going to try this, I just bought both of them 🙂

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