Eyelid Twitching? Find out why…

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Dr. Berg talks about twitching under the eyelid. This is called tetany and is a low calcium (hypocalcemia) situation. This is usually because of high cortisol, which dumps acids (H+) in the urine making your body MORE alkaline. Many people look at their urine pH and see it too acid and then start alkalizing themselves, when in fact, they are actually losing acids – a common mistake. Apple Cider Vinegar is the best remedy.

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Kaibalyadas Pani says:

sir itz it can also be caused due to masturbations.

Megan Lox says:

Glad I'm not dying

Amber Wagnitz says:

What if the twitch is on the right upper eyelid? Mine has been doing it for months now.

Asher Cohen says:

Leave it to Dr. Berg, I have been suffering from this and have been looking and could not find anywhere on the Web the cause and treatment for muscle twitches. Thank You Doctor.

Sara Blue says:

I get this especially when I go through stressful and tiring times. I take a calcium and magnesium supplement that I actually keep on my desk. will go back to ACV. 😀

Esther M says:

whenever I get twitching I place a small piece of paper dipped in water n placed it exactly where its twitching.

Technoblox89741 says:

I had to do a presentation in school and this conveniently happened. And it was violent twitching, too. Could feel my eyeball shaking

S D says:

Hi , i have a problem on last 1 year. My eye lid is out of my control.
It automatic shut down. A one before , i work hard on computer daily
16hr. around 7 days, there after a pain & shadow image start to see
& this problem started. Doctor says it is a dry eye problem but it
not cure till today also a pain.If i work on computer more than 1 hr continuously the problem increased. Need yours feedback & help. Thanks.

sami Kilic says:

Dr E. Berg
Thank you once again sharing your knowledge and time.
Very much appreciated 👍🏻❤️

Ernest Tiongco says:

It's over my right eyelid

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