Drink Apple Cider Vinegar Before Bed Because You Will Change Your Life

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Drink Apple Cider Vinegar Before Bed Because You Will Change Your Life.

Presumably, you’ve heard a great deal about the various advantages of apple juice vinegar. These extra ten employments of apple juice vinegar, exhibited in this article, will astonish you considerably more! Subsequently, drinking apple juice vinegar before going to bed will help you

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I mixed 2 teaspoons with Jameson Whiskey. Goodnight xo

Timothy Campbell says:

it works it just the after taste

eryngobra says:

is it really so impossiable to use a real voice in these videos? This is like the 4th video I have seen with these stupid auto voice overs.

Woo Hoo says:

hate the robotic voice

nazifa abduiiah says:

were can I buy this from.?

please can you give adress from. UK Nottingham

Crystal Gilliam says:

Please All, With The Apple Cider Vinegar, Have At Least 8oz of Water!!! ACV does great things for you but be careful! You have to have water, it will hurt the inside of your stomach. Research For More Info….

Ree Duong says:

Strange how it has all these wonderful benefits etc but why isn't the whole world on the acv bus yet!?

juno alonzo says:

i've been drinking ACV for 6 nights now n i've noticed every time i drink mine i started to feel sleepy.now my wifey is drinking ACV too.2tbsp of ACV + 2tbspn of apple cider into 16.9Fl.Oz of water wd crush ice.preferably drinking in the evening.

Jon'Nita Johnson says:

Is it okay to take two to three tablespoons straight, and a shot of water after?

Elena Hernandez says:

can you drink Apple cider vinegar. if you ha have heart failure

HTCdesire Nonyabusiness says:

In my expert opinion the video was to help with a sore throat. For le sigh do not judge unless you read the whole thing.

97MA says:

You have a sexy voice. It sounds kinda computerish. What's your name if you don't mind me asking?

Ricky Trinidad says:

mam le sigh…
i think i have gas in my tommy…
should i drink also 3x a day?

Sam S says:

Hate robo voice

Whoop Whoop says:

I'm sticking to the Stella! I'm not taking a chance drinking that shit

Ndnf Dnd says:

yes I agree with Apple cider vinegar I have experienced weight loss and I was even trying …just by taking a tea spoon in warm water one a day even it worked and cured my acid reflux as well all within a short time

Christy Culver says:

I drink a tablespoon with a shot of warm water. Somehow the warm water helps with the strong flavor.

New Body Zone says:

Having my Apple Cider Vinegar right now.

Peggy Covey says:

I pour 2 tablespoon in a shot glass, drink it with a straw and follow up with a half a glass of tomato juice. No nasty taste in my mouth, and on with my water. So far so good!

NUTRITIONAL Revalution says:

3 times daily NOT BEFORE BED

Rick Perry says:

I understand about "yo mama" and being a "mutha" but what is " The Mother "???

Lagail Davis says:

do it have to be acv wit mother r can it be regular vinger as well

Angel Belau says:

I can't I tried and puked both times. I don't know how people do this.

danvelgtr says:

This video opens up with a picture of a lady sipping a bottle  of Bragg cider vinegar with a straw. THIS IS WRONG . Cider Vinegar should never be taken orally unless diluted with water.

milla Jackson says:

I just drink mines with water

John Joseph says:

Apple JUICE Vinegar? Puhlease! If you're going yo make a video at least get your basic facts straight. Duh.

ldylkr says:

It tastes so horrible.

Cynthia Manm says:

..news years-old

Kosta Dimas says:

Nice video. Good to know!
I subscribed.
Please check out my new whole food channel and subscribe if you want.

ace says:

i love youuuu

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