DON’T DRINK Apple Cider Vinegar!

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Apple cider vinegar weight loss is awesome but DON’T DRINK it pure! Apple Cider Vinegar benefits are great but don’t drink apple cider vinegar because it may rot your teeth! Apple cider vinegar drink recipe taste nasty too. Don’t do it! How about hair? Apple cider vinegar rinse natural hair products are OK I suppose but don’t drink it! What about apple cider vinegar acne recipes? Best to just quit eating dairy foods! Wanna see pictures? Apple cider vinegar weight loss before and after pictures are not part of my video but common sense IS! Apple cider vinegar toner helps to tighten the skin! Yaa hoo!

Please watch: “Carpal Tunnel MASSAGE! STOP Wrist Pain! Beautiful River!”


redmotherfive says:

"Latin historian Spartianus apparently recorded that vinegar mixed with water was the drink that helped soldiers survive battle, as well as the various alien climates they encountered." – Suck it.

Marktuyet says:

Eat a little Kim-Chi with each dinner ..

Sandy Theriault says:

I'm glad to see you are against drinking apple cider vinegar, and speaking against such irresponsible ads. Thank you. I myself am fighting agains these false claims. All this is myth and fairy tale. So if you want to know the truth about things, join my Facebook group Ask This Guy to get the real information. And I'm not selling you anything. If you think vinegar is going to solve your problems, you have fallen for marketing schems. Join us… the truth is as hard to swallow as this vinegar. I bet this will be erased quickly, so I hope I reach some of you.

belinda smith says:

Thank you so much .  I've been drinking it with water but I realized it felt very acidic .  I've started adding it to my and my son's meals  before cooking vegetables and they  taste better .  I think vinegar can get rid of bugs on vegetables , so I soak our veg. in water with ACV for a few minutes then cook them .   Thank you so much . I always preferred ACV  on meals .  many thanks .  linda , Wales .

Paularicorico says:

love that song <3

Kareem Osman says:

stopped jucing .did not like to throw food.

Dabney Fountain says:

Bret, when contaminated organic spinach warnings made the news a while back, many became very sick, but only one death…the person who consumed it raw… in a smoothie. Word is that jucing Contaminated veg that's been juiced concentrates the offending baicteria.

Dabney Fountain says:

Apv added to foods raw and cooked dates way back…drinking it is a new fad, i think and not all that pleasant.

Shenna says:

Love the Pink Floyd intro! 🙂

Minju says:

I actually drink it diluted with water. I love it. Adding it to salad is a good idea as well.

K. Carlile says:

I love watching these videos! You tell it like it is!!

Niqabi Life says:

Hi , a view vegan channels advice to supplement with blackstrap molasses what you advice in that new hipe ?

Kj Jensen says:

ACV is also a cancer neutralizer

Kj Jensen says:

They also make it in pill form. I take the pills. Not sure how people can drink it cuz thats just gross…

Jay H says:

Here is my comment for people who disagree with what he said, to read my elaborated and reworded stuff of what he said.
Unfortunately, so many people TELL YOU to consume it right out of the bottle or apply it to your body directly out of the bottle. Both of these methods can cause damage if not rinsed off immediately. Large amounts of concentrated acid is bad for your teeth and it is bad for your throat (if you have ever vomited and had it burn your throat, that is because of the ACID from your stomach, actually chemically burning your throat.). Even though vinegar is 5%, it is still too strong to be used "full strength" on and in your body. If the the acid was 100%, it would probably eat through you instantly and probably bubble with a toxic green acidic gas.

Some china ebay $1 PH Papers can be a very educational tool (just be sure that you throw away anything you test the PH with that came in contact with the PH paper, since it releases chemicals to change the color of the paper).

TheGirlCapricorn says:

You have a nice singing voice

Rayne27 says:

You are the best..hahaha

Jennifer Marie says:

I've been adding lemon juice to my water in the mornings and I am realizing that it's making me feel like crap, so I stopped. but I was hoping to get your opinion on why it's making me feel so nauseous? Do you think it could be messing up the ph balance in my stomach? I've read so many benefits from drinking lemon water. Maybe it's similar to what you're saying about ACV and it would be more beneficial to add it to foods instead.

Angela Miller Varner says:

keep doing ur videos dude, never ever stop plzzzzzz

Angela Miller Varner says:

I love to use my nutri bullet so I don't waste any of the veggies or fruits. I puree them and add an assload of water to make it easier to drink!!!

Joe Serrano says:

Yikes! Drinking acv straight?!! lol….I like sour lemons and limes but the sourness of the acv would be too much!

Bjamin1107 says:

Awww God Bless you:D

Angela Miller Varner says:

lololololol ur fucking awesome dude ??????????

StandingPerfectlyStill Holly says:

thank you so much for the great info! 🙂

Stacy Lamb says:

oh my goodness. I always thought why would anyone drink acv. I put it in bone broth too. On the juicing, I always thought just eat the fruit or raw veg. in the Sumner, I like to have a smoothie but at least I drink the whole fruit and veg in my smoothie. I try to listen to my inner guidance on what my body needs.I feel our bodies know what they need. just pay attention to it. u rock Brett. love ya Bro.

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