Do It Yourself: Homemade Hair Deep Conditioner Apple Cider Vinegar, Eggs, Mayonnaise, and Honey

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*Re-Upload* Original Upload Date: October 9, 2009

A Basic Do It Yourself: Homemade Deep Conditioning Treatment For Your Hair! This common rinse uses Apple Cider Vinegar, while the deep conditioner uses Eggs, Mayonnaise, and Honey. You can also use yogurt, olive oil, and almond oil. This is a really fast and effective homemade conditioning treatment using items you already have in your kitchen! Hope this helps!

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Lee M says:

how often do you deep condition your hair?

yallipop says:

video posted in 2010…her hair got so long by 2013 wow

siham mohamed says:

I watched this video and your video in 2012 & the results are amazing I’m
watching this in 2014 

marlie pierre says:

any tips how to grow hair natural

Namakando Mwangala says:

Hi, is blowing the hair good after the deep conditioning?

Arubagyal gyal says:

ughhhhh protein sensitive! gawd this made my hair hard and brittle. Anyone
else experience the same and how did you save your strands?

Shane Huff says:

Rubbing dead animal embryo through your hair seems a little extreme just
for some shine.. Get you some used Detroit oil and lather up with that
little number and !!BAM!! Either no more hair or extreme conditioning;?
Hope this helps??

Dirkster Princess says:

Does anyone know if you’re supposed to rinse the deep conditioner out in
cold, hot, or warm water? I heard her say in other videos that cold water
holds in the moisture so I’m wondering it that applies to the rinsing of
this DIY conditioner. 

RaSheedapower says:

this video is four years old but her texture is exactly like mine! this is
great news for me! does anyone know the correct catergory her hair is?

Mela Thompson says:

as for this conditioner you use the same mayo from your refrigerator leave
it on for thirty minutes that is the average time for maximum results i
usually let mine sit for an hour or until dry because i have thin fine hair
and you usually rinse with cold water to avoid having cooked egg in your
hair adding your favorite conditioner to the mix also thickens up the mix
so there is no dripping from the eggs

Latoya Golden says:
Valery SomethingCreative says:

how long is it leaved in?


Can you use these on transitioning natural hair?

Sandria Olivia says:

I’m not brave enough to put eggs on my hair but I’m happy it has work for
you my ‘sister’ 😀
Interestingly informative :D

brownskin12 says:

is it hairmayonaise u used or the mayonaise for food ? I want to try this
in the weekend

Samourai La derniere says:

thank you for the video, i finally know how my hair will look like in 1
year, after so long I’ve made the step for the big chop but it has been so
long i had relaxed hair that i forgot completely how my hair used to be
before. :D

Shanea Seals says:

I want to try this next on my hair, hoping for the same beautiful results

Donna Ramsay says:

Cool video. 

Toni Findley says:

Can’t wait to try this! Plus I can use the leftovers for coleslaw…mmmmm. 

angelisa t says:

dang your arms are huge,!! what kind of workouts were you doing back then?
i’ve never noticed that in your other videos.

Tiffany Priester says:

Love this going to try making with yogurt

Adreina McCullum says:

Is this a protein treatment? i’ve been looking for a protein treatment

Khori Berry says:

My search for a hair twin is FINALLY OVER! My hair looks exactly like

Gloria ABOK says:

After using the product, did you wash your hair? 

sheniqua foster says:

This works wonders for me and my daughters! Thank you so much

Shabana M says:

can you do this technique with hair shorter than yours was?

Okera Hastings says:

Throw back to when your hair could actually fit under one cap

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