DIY Hair Detangler – Apple Cider Vinegar & Coconut Oil *Requested*

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I share how to make my DIY Homemade Hair Detangler. It works on all hair types and it is very easy to do and cost effective. Get those tangles out fast and easy and prevent hair loss, breakage and split ends. Enjoy. Jass xo

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Souhaib Ahmad says:

Hi there very interesting…appreciated for sharing video. i have small question: After using spray bottle. should i keep fridge. or is it OK to keep normal temperature ?

Bubble Gum says:

I will definitely try this

Martine Davis says:

I LOVE LOVE LOVE braggs ACV. I panic when I'm running low???. I use it on my face and hair, I just got a full install & I did a ACV rinse no poo, only used my fingers to detangle, curls were popping–My hair was so soft a comb wasn't necessary… I didn't add coconut oil, my hair doesn't really like raw coconut oil, although I have a huge jar of it in my bathroom.

Barbara Fav's videos says:

can you use coconut vinegar?

Brionna Natalia says:

does it matter what type of apple cider vinegar you use?

Pia Mia Fan says:

bless you!!

Sylvia Tanya says:

Hi, my hair feels so dry its breaking even after 4 weeks of the previous relaxer. Is this OK to use this ?

Crystal Thomas says:

I haven't used this yet but you are amazing.

The One Where I Say says:

Thank you so much for sharing. I wish I'd found this video last weekend. I lost so much hair in the shower from knots, tangles, dryness. My 4c hair looks much thinner in some spots. I will definitely try this. It has been a real struggle trying to keep my hair from matting into dreads. I hope this works for me. Thank you again. Subscriber 48,885!

Amethyst Ware says:

I wanted to cryyyyyy when I used this❤❤❤ the is the absolute best detangler I've ever used!!!!!!! Usually when I try stuff for my hair from YouTube it doesn't work but I tried this and I have to say I'm hooked !!!!

freegal33 says:

My daughter has low porosity hair, can I use this on her hair

Johnette Williams says:

detangling question?
i'm one of those people who doesn't like to do their hair. my hair is super course, super dry on top of super kinky. it was torture as a kid with a tender head, it's no better for me now,
i like to do my hair as little as possible. this means my hair gets tangled and matted and is even MORE of a chore to do.

will this detangler work on that kind of hair?

Catina Burrough says:

thank you so much!

H I D D N B E A U T I E says:

I hope you see this but it is currently winter time where I am Should I change the coconut oil to like olive oil or something because of the dry and cold air? PS I have dry scalp due to eczema and I know you mentioned in a previous video that coconut oil can freeze up in your hair and break it off lol

Maia Jane says:

Does it matter which apple cider vinegar to use?

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