DIY Detoxifying Face Mask! ♥ (For Acne, Skin Discoloration, Scars)

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Thanks for watching! I hope you found this informative & helpful ♥ Have you experimented with any of these ingredients for beauty/health purposes? Let me know in the comments.

As mentioned, I’ve started using Apple Cider Vinegar (diluted in water) as a face toner and as a hair conditioner / hair rinse and I LOVE it ♥ So happy I discovered this. I will make a video on it soon 🙂 I’ve also been adding Himalayan Crystal Salt to my water, and it’s very energizing and detoxifying (many people use this as a coffee replacement!).

Hope you enjoyed the video and thumbs up if you’d like to see more natural beauty DIY’s 🙂

Summary of video (and benefits) here:


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Ingredients Mentioned:
– Himalayan Crystal Salt
– Raw Organic Honey
– Organic Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar

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Thank you for watching!! XOXO

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ayu159 says:

thanks for your information ??

Rashidah Aly says:

can I use Westlab Himalayan Pink Salt Reseala

Rashidah Aly says:

himalayan salt crystals can I use pink

Jitaru Adina says:

interesting points ,if anyone else wants to learn about bleaching skin try Vaxicorn Natural Skin Guide ( search on google ) ? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my neighbor got amazing results with it.

Vivash Karki says:

Hi hi! Have you considered – Bekkas Incredible Sugar Detox (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now)? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my sister got great results with it.

Asma Karachouli says:

Are u Arabic ???

Beb Bo says:

I think for more intensity & peeling, I'd substitute cider with lemon juice or lime juice every now & then!

WanderlustXO says:

WOAH WOAH HOLD UP! Raw honey? HONEY? you're not vegan if you're using honey, Vegans dont use honey because its a by product of animals… oh my.. 

outspokenone6 says:

She's not Arab, she's Pakistani. But she was living in Dubai. 

bookmarkthis says:

Is this her face after recently starting using this face mask or after using it over a long period of time? Because you can see many spots and blemishes, I'd like to see proof of this helping beyond a basic exfoliation.

Rawan Kerim says:

Is she an Arab? I can read the Arabic writing .. beautiful girl and amazing tips

Himko Macu says:

I feel ugly being a former acne victim assumed I would certainly die with acne

Honey Pie says:

Hi Annie, I thought I might let you know along with other people who read the comments for this vblog, but even though honey is great for the skin….beez are actually abused in the process as we are essentially steeling their honey in the same way milk is taken from cows. The planet is actually running low on honey apparently as the beez are stressed out and cant keep up with demand. So for all the vegans watching this please look into it. Thanks

Jacy LB says:

Hi Annie when are you going to do the apple cider vinegar video, very interested in your comments.

Shyma Irshad says:

Are you Arab?
I noticed some arabic on the ingredients' bottles…..

Simko Pamy says:

You possibly can treat acne yourself by using natural technique, and you will begin to see the result in only 7 days

karolla birish says:

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nownii SM says:

how come your goodies is written in arabic to , from where are you ?

MissMakko87 says:

THANK YOU for your tips!

BeautyLovers says:

Do you have to use apple cider vinegar ??

SaraFara says:

Where are you from? 🙂

AEma Esma says:

Arabic stuffs ,, cute ..

hilary siegel says:

your sick is beautiful i don't no why u think its problematic i have acne scars so i would no, but I'm looking forward to try this mask thanks for sharing

Healthandbeautygirl says:

I found all these ingredients on can't wait to try this!

shiney4051997 says:

Hi Annie,

I want to try out this mask but I'm having trouble finding the white Himalayan salt, I only found pink. Would that work too?

Serina Hwang says:

You should be very careful when scrubbing with salt or sugar because it can cause damage to your skin. My dermatologist advised me against using it. But honey is awesome! I use it every day in the morning instead of face wash.

Christian says:

Now where the fuck am I supposed to get these fucking crystals?

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