DIY 10 home remedies to whiten teeth REALLY WORKS

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I am so excited to share these techniques with you because a lot of people i talk to have no idea about them and they really work!
some of them look a bit goofy but they are all worth a try to see which one works best for you!

1: strawberries and baking soda
2 baking soda and apple cider vinegar
3 olive oil rinse
4 rub teeth with banana peel
5 rub teeth with citrus peel
6 add pinch of salt to daily toothpaste
7 eat an apple a day
8 add milk to coffee and tea
9 increase intake of dairy and other high calcium foods
10 decrease consumption of caffeinated drinks

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Ela xx

~~~~~~~ Ela Gale ~~ A DIY Life ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Ela Gale ♡ A DIY Life says:

Hahaha i am so odd in this video.. it is funny to look back on! But just
wanted to disregard the drink more milk tip – dairy is not an essential way
to get calcium (and in this regard i was quite naive in the making of this
video). Have a wonderful day guys xx

Ela Gale ♡ A DIY Life says:

Hey everyone 🙂 a few people have commented that baking soda is bad for
your teeth, if you have ever had an adverse reaction stay away from it but
the reality is that used periodically to remove stains its perfectly safe –
we learnt about it at uni, one such quote from my textbook also says
“brushing periodically with baking soda has been shown to neutralize acids
in the mouth, which reduces the amount of acid-loving bacteria that cause
cavities” So it can have benefits just dont over-do-it!, like everything in
life – moderation is best 🙂 xx

Voldemort says:

Could you do a video on diy headlice cream stuff. How to get them out. My
mum wont buy me any spray, i cant comb it out. Please its been going on
almost all my life and my mum doesnt give a damn. So could you do a diy
video please. Thanks

Crystal Ding says:

I tried the banana peel and the orange peel both works! I really was
surprised that the banana peel took only 1 banana xD

Viky Li says:

So… All these haters are jealous? Cause it REALLY seems so.
“You’re disgusting”
“Your makeup is ugly”
Like wtf? Don’t you guys know that you sound REALLY jealous?
(Words from a random stranger that watches her videos for the first time)

Erin Polley says:

Well strawberries have a lot of acids so it won’t work

eman hussen says:

i think most of that stuff can damage ur teeth especially baking soda so i
just advice u to go to the dentist is a good thing cause they do it better 

twinkywinky426563 says:

instead of olive oil, use coconut oil. way more effective and lots of
health benefits. coconut milk, and chia seeds have more calcium than dairy.
dairy is full of hormones so its more bad then good

Morgan Jay says:

I Don’t Like Apples Or Coffee Or Milk Or Oranges Or Bananas

Faye Clegg says:

I use charcoal. Add water. Mix. And brush you teeth for about 4 minutes.
Amazing results in minutes

callum93guerilla says:

So I’ve heard that Baking soda and citric acid neutralize each other
because baking soda is Alkaline and Citric acid is well acid, can anyone
confirm this?

Conor Ryan says:

Also some teeth have a natural yellow colour…the yellower the teeth the
stronger they are

pandac0ffee says:

just adding milk to your coffee wont reduce yellow stains on your teeth.
reduce coffee intake or drink with a straw to avoid getting stains often!

HelloKittyMLP31427 says:

Where do u buy baking soda I can’t find it anywhere 

MsEv4ever says:

don’t do this shit, just brush your teeth 3 times everyday. 

Thabel Wahyudi says:

Are you a kiwi, just wanderin :3

Abby Armstrong says:

What countries are you from please tell me

Jesse G says:

Just so you know, all toothpaste is exactly the same… The labels might
say “teeth whitening” or “sensitive” but they’re all the same…

zena says:

gurl ur tips are great, but could you PLEASE TELL ME WHERE I CAN FIND YOUR
LIPSTICK COLOUR? i’v been searching for it since like 2 months!

Maheen Ali says:

You’re so gorgeous! Thank you for all these tips :)

LoveyDovey9000 says:

So is this even edible or good for u?

veronica tenorio says:

i told my mom eat a cookie a day keep the docters away this what she did.

Nyan Cat says:

Adding salt to your toothpaste os actually bad…. it erodes away your
teeth’s healthy enamel.

Animaljam mersecrets says:

10 is gonna be impossible for me o.o

rebekah rissmiller says:

Is it ok if I have braces? can i still do this?

Wilbert Eugene says:

Your pretty but, some the stuff wasn’t lady like, like drinking milk
straight from the gallon although I do it myself. 

》alex hxll《 says:

Does It matter if uou have braces? Which technique should I use?

Antonia Bignoux says:

i can’t imagine putting olive oil in my mouth i would get sick! lol

kristina price says:

an apple a day will keep anyone away as long as you throw it hard
enough….or is that just me

SeanieTheCanine says:

Do we have to do these before or after we brush our teeth?

sophie jade lancaster says:

Apples have acid in them can make your teeth go brown 

Vas Happenin says:

Which one is the best remedy and which one works faster? And the fastest
one, how long does it take from yellowish teeth to white ? 

Ezequiel De la Cueva says:

Hi Ela! Well, I haven’t scrolled down, but I’m sure someone must have come
up with this before: what about sensitive teeth? Which method do you
recommend for me? Thanks, and God bless ya. 

Vampir wooz says:

A lemom works too just cut the lemon and put in on ur teeth and rub :/

Ana Stanic says:


Elisabeth Berisha says:

So so good ich wäre nie darauf kommen

Milad Waleed says:

Can you use something either than baking soda

Natalie Martin says:

Thanks. I could really use these tips.

Aaron M says:

This is stupid! Don’t brush your teeth with strawberries as it has acid in
side them so it will damage your enamel then make your teeth yellow!

Jade Hopkins says:

Baking soda isn’t good for your teeth and it doesn’t whiten

noor af says:

This video helped so much, there’s so many things i can try out

Lutfiah Aniq Tan says:

Does this work for braces???

Caitlin Borbi says:

how long should i rub my teeth with the peel?

Rebekah1909 says:

Because apples are highly acidic they can erode the enamel, it doesn’t mean
you shouldn’t eat apples just make sure you clean your teeth properly at
the end of the day 

destiny elizabeth says:

i can confirm the banana peel actually works 

Michaela Hardy says:

This is kind of like the olive oil but if you take 1 table spoon of coconut
oil it helps to whiten your teeth as well as takes toxins out of your body.
It takes about 15-20 minutes daily so you can do it in the shower or
whatever that is what i do anyway. Just adding on to your ideas but it
works great! :)

Jordyn Purnell says:

I tried the toothpaste and salt one and its working

Kathya Plascencia says:

Food olive oil or hair becayuse i have both

Linda Casey says:

You’re as cute as a puppy .. but, I think you should start a cooking class
instead of teaching people how to whiten their teeth or lengthen their
hair. You are adorable to watch though. 

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