Dark Underarms??! How to get rid of them!

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Stuff in video:

exfoliating buffer from sally’s

Dove deodorant

Sugaring wax recipe:
2 cups sugar
1/4 cup water 1/4
cup lemon juice (FROM REAL LEMONS preferably)

Baking soda paste:
-mix baking soda and water until you have a paste… apply.. leave on for 10-15 mins, rinse

Apple cider vinegar:
-wipe with cotton ball, towelette, etc…no need to rinse

potato juice:
either blend it into a paste, or just cut the potato open. Juice should come right out. (twss)

baking soda deodorant
-Just apply to underarms

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LeeLeah Leah says:

I got my underarm hair permanently removed so worth it

Sarah M says:

a question, can i shave then put on baking powder? won’t my underarms get
irritated? sometimes when i shave and use deodorant, my armpits sting! 🙁 

Heyitsmikiex _ says:

When she was “shaving” my two main thoughts was
1. Wtf is she shaving??

Diana Richards says:

Potatoes before or after deodorant 

Glamerous Cheerleading Chick says:

Thnx so much i found this very helpful, any tips on growing your hair fast?

Chibi Chika says:

This sounds good and all… but what will my Mom say when I cut a potato in
half, etc?
In other words, how should I explain the “it’s a natural remedy thing”?

Tatum Lee says:

Can you you substitute the little exfoliate pads with a wash cloth? 

fantamas06 says:

Girls should never start shaving since hair start grow underarm. Use only
twizers to pull hair out. Then hair will be weak after each time you pull
them out and underarm lasts long hair free.

blue macaroon says:

I have thick stubble under my arms ’cause I’m half Italian and no matter
how sharp my razor is, you can still see hair. The hair is so dark and
thick that you can see it, even if it is under layers of skin

benebeauty13 says:

I’ve tried waxing cause shaving doesn’t last long. I used Sally Hansen ouch
less, and I followed all the instructions perfectly. But it left the area
sticky and hardly even touch 🙁 help!!

xCharmingEyelashx says:

can i put the baking soda on my private parts or not ?!

ForNarnia says:

Is Jäson a good deodorant? 

Nino Berishvili says:

Baking soda is really good. I don’t use deodorant any more. I am using
baking soda for like 6 months now and it is really great. It’s healthy and
even in summer is works perfectly and underarms are lighter too. So it’s
good to use instead of chemical deodorants.

Rose Vorhese says:

iiSuperwomanii: “#DarkArmpitSwag”

Kevin Ramkissoon says:

big turn off lol, when girls dont shave

lollipoppinn says:

Does baking soda also stops your armpits from smelling bad?

TheIntervurt says:

I think there’s a laser treatment which can eliminate all hair in any area
forever with just a few visits.

S Prado says:

Shave armpits! It’s just hygienic to

Rebecca Bowers says:

So which deodorants are best? What should I avoid?

Jaymee Marcks says:

I would sniff and lick your underarms, is that weird?

Marwa Kayal says:

One question about the potatoes do we boil or use fresh ones?

Glamerous Cheerleading Chick says:

Thnx so much i found this very helpful, any tips on growing your hair fast?

Elin Nilsson says:

You remind a bit of Julia Roberts when she was young :)

Melissa Johnson says:

very helpful

Evelyn Denmark says:


Gana Shree says:

very helpful ;)

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