Coral Tree Organics – Apple Cider Vinegar Process – Episode 3: Summer in the Organic Apple Orchard

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Coral Tree Organics
The Process of Apple Cider Vinegar Production

Episode 3: Summer in the Organic Apple Orchard

In this video, CoralTree founder Kim Baker takes us around one of the local organic apple orchards on the Kapiti Coast that supply CoralTree delicious apples for their Apple Cider Vinegar.

Kim discusses the local environment of the orchard, its close relationship to the Tararua mountain ranges, the Otaki river and Kapiti Island, an area rich in biodiversity from the nature reserves. He also explains the diversity in nature found throughout the orchard, from complex weeds, supporting beneficial insects and a rich layer of humus and biological activity in the soil.

The apples come to their height of development over the longest day of the year (summer solstice), and now move into ripening up in flavor and sweetness in the coming months.

If you would like to find out more information about what Kim is up to, or questions related to the video, please comment below.

In the next few videos we’ll be showing you through the processing station and how the apples get turned into cider vinegar through the fermentation process.


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